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I once briefly played this game I don't even know how many years ago thought "this serms cool!" and promptly forgot about it. Less than an hour ago completely randomly as I was trying to sleep the vaguest memory of this game popped into my head out of nowhere, an incredibly blurry image of the relationship tracking screen and something about lesbian romance, three sisters and thievery and nothing else. Of course I did the only reasonable thing I could and shoot to attention and immediately set about finding a game whose name and basic mechanics I did not recall. 

Thank you for making a game that so effectively stuck in my mind. 

Just want to say again this is awesome!

It's really annoying how I have zero idea of how the tactical side of the battle works, it just seems completely luck based if you told me it was just picking a random outcome regardless of the combat situation and how many supports, what units on what terrain didn't matter I would believe you.  I don't think that's the case but in liue of any evidence as far as I know it's completely possible, if it is some kind of dice toss just show it Im fine with getting unlucky if I know what the variables and odds are.

Amazing game wish I knew how the combat worked.

Looks great!

Great game! But kind of slow, wish there was a speedup mechanic because just waiting for the waves to clear is very frustating early on. Later im sure the pacing is fine but with the pacing for the first few missions feels painfully slow at times.


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Is there a good ending? Or even a specific end screen. Great little game just curious about that.

Just wanted to note this is still getting worked on if someone sees this while browsing Itch, if you want to talk to the devs about it.

Space fighters are cool

You are a legend