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When do I get access to the newest version? It is already up for 10+ patreons.

This doesn't work for me somehow. Any ideas?

It is quite grindy I know. But it is very well doable. Just stack levels in the hallway and the Nurse Room to infect new lockers with the simple and cheap tentacles. Don't waste your money on the expensive locker options.

Hey, I am using a GeForce RTX 3060 but it says it isn't supported. Bug?

Yeah, I think 19,99$ might be a bit too much, if the audience isn't completely sure where your game is going. Some might be scared to put hopes and money in a game that then might disappoint for different reasons.

I personally would be waiting for the full release or at least for around half a year of constant game progress before paying such a price for a game. Got disappointed several times with games that took change content direction mid-development.

In the download section. On the page you choose the file for the current version for the type of computer you are using.

You can download it as a zip in a zip data or just a zip.

Far too often. At times I got the feeling the npcs are not somewhere else, they are just invisible.

Yes, but it breaks very easily.

I don't find the wild pokémon too obnoxious. They are quite challenging at times but what annoys me more is the random trainer encounters once you beat them the first time you have to fight their level 40+ pokémon with you ~level 12 pokémon which logically result in you beeing defeated and losing money and happyness.

For me that is the bigger issue. Maybe the forced trainer encounters should be separated from the regular ones and should have pokémon levels that at least somewhat match your own pokémons level.

Just started a new game version 5.21.

NPCs are spawning outside the map all the time and really really far off or aren't even visible? Anyone else encountered this bug?

It is? Well, it depends on who you want to seduce. Some are particularely easier and some want to have some more proof of love.

Like in Real Life lol.

When you fail to pay the money and get visited at your home by the big black guy, should it be game over? because I get stuck there.

What is with his grandmother?

That is a relief to hear. Because randomly selecting the different colours for the same expedition loses you the game near instantly.

Hey, could you give us a hint for the medicines?

Like more than only different colours, so we don't need to trial and error and lose a damn of health and days...

Yes you can disable pregnancy in the settings and kinks.

Looks good thus far. You are allowed to continue. :3

I am thinking about supporting you on patreon anyway once I reorganized my finances.

Love the game, wasn't updeated in a long time tho and I feared it might be on hold :)

After two years the publisher finally wake up from a coma which was caused by not updating on which made me really sad.

I agree, that it is a bit grindy. I don't see it as a bad thing tho. I like clicking and collecting stuff. It took me sometime to figure things out at some points but I never felt completely lost for a longer period of time, so for me it is difficult enough while not beeing to difficult.

So it is a challenging game for me and I enjoy it.

Thank you. In the park in front of the ice cream stand there is another thing blocked by the bugs icon. Money :P

And is there a way to skip the 3rd lift weight challenge? I am hammering the button but I reach no further than 21/25

Is there a trick to get it or do I need a mousclick bot? 

Two things: in front of the showers you cannot pick up the condom because they are blocked by the bug report icon. Second: How can you attent classes? I am moving into the class rooms, but I still don't know how to take part in the classes.

Am I dumb or did I just miss something? ^^

There are. At least sort of.

When clicking on Prestige, you reset everything. Beware.

You can play it in the itch-app on the desktop if you didn't know yet.

Will there be an option to play as a female MC?

Codes that were created by itch can be revisited by e-mail request afaik. If that link at itch doesn't work anymore I don't know...

How to increase Debauchery?

I play x64.

Working fine for me. Did not encounter any crashes yet. Can you be more specific?

Same here.

I see it the same way. Lot of potential. But still a lot of content to produce.

I like the concept but maybe you should be focusing on one game at a time.

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That would actually make sense. But it still is a breeding game. For training it would be absolutely amazing. I am hetero, but I would actually support the idea of having male on male training and female on female training with the pc.

And I really like that you are keeping it that way. Only including things that at leats make some sense.

Yep. It is a little bit hidden tho. Here is the link:

Try using the desktop app. Maybe that will help.