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I meant for the routes yes, I probably wouldn't want to wait more than six months for the first route or six months between consecutive routes. As a dev, I understand completely why you would need longer, as a reader I would get really paranoid pledging to something that will take that long to complete. :)

1) How important are physical rewards to you? 

Don't interest me too much, mainly because the few I have seen didn't post to Australia so I've always pledged to an amount that has no physical rewards. 

2) Whose routes are you most looking forward to?

I'm interested to try them all, Kadan would probably be the one who interests me the most though, and then Aiden.

3) Is 1 year per route an acceptable wait time?

You've already had enough response to this regarding the overall time it would take to release all routes. I think that would scare away potential pledges. If art is the main concern with this there are artists out there that can adapt to other art styles, or at least be somewhat similar. The idea of having a different artist on their own route is a good one, because it'll lessen obvious differences. Personally, I wouldn't want to wait longer than six months, tops. Even then it would be pushing it if you're releasing as an entire route. Have you ever considered releasing it as chapters? If you release it with monthly updates, often it'll take a year to get through the route anyway, but it wont feel like as long wait due to the regular updates. 

Thanks for the super speedy response! :D It all works now. <3 

Hey! Would love to play the demo but when I go to install it only the mac version is available. :)

I have put this game off for so long because it's not normally the type that I enjoy. I'm so glad that I gave it a go though, it was stunning. The story entraped me, I had to find out as much as I could in one sitting and it still left me wanting more. The art is beautiful and the voices for the characters really suit, which is fantastic. Amazing game! 

I NEED to know who the killer is!

Good job. :) I really look forward to reading more! 

Loved it! Thanks so much for creating it and sharing with the world. :)

I really enjoyed the game and I'm not normally one that likes stat building games! However, I decided to pledge on kickstarter( the one that includes the guide O_O ) so I look forward to seeing the full game released in future!

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1) Conflict! I love high stakes play throughs where it feels meaningful and like someones life is on the line...Maybe that's why I like this game so much? :P 

2) I prefer the story - If the story wasn't good I wouldn't be interested in the gorgeous men. ^_^ 

3)  I was slightly irritated by the fact that speaking didn't have quotation marks so it was difficult to tell if Rei was speaking internally or to the people around him. I mean, I could mostly tell by the context and the lack of reaction though but yeah..haha. 

4) Hmm. Is he has innocent in the bedroom as he seems to be in the rest of his life? Perhaps he likes to spice it up? Who knows! 

I have a quick question of my own! Curious as to what program any of the writers on the team use to write the script out? 

Loved the demo, it was beautiful and cannot wait for the full game to come out. ^_^ 

Hands down the best demo i've ever played, really looking forward to the full game! 

Lovely! Can't wait for the full game. :)