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Waqar Ali

A member registered Feb 19, 2021

Recent community posts

please make a fully updated guide 
i can't access/understand some events

can't trigger the fashion harem although all the conditions have been fulfilled

And how to get that angela event?

how to access christmas office party?

when is the next update (if you can tell)

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you will only see the baby once you propose to her and after a week you will get married but before proposing to save the game because game will end after the cutscene

work in the office then go to the breakroom the icon will appear

see the fandom page there see the time table of both girls

there should be coffee cup click on that

interact with kleio > go to talk > first option will be talk about Anna

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How to get klieo and anna love points to 95 

I read the wiki there was an event for klieo the concert interact with klieo 19:00 - 21:00 but she's Only available at that time on Wednesday and Friday in the studio but when you interact with her nothing happens

The same goes for anna invite her to home that fun stuff at hone event doesn't Trigger

Anyone help??