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Ah good to know

Is there a way to save the game's progression?

Thanks for the reply! Can't wait!

Excuse me, how do you use the potions on Swinky?

I got the ending but I don't quite  understand the lore behind it.

How can I unlock the fourth ending? I have found the three codes from the replay of the three scenes.

When I order Rell to strip herself, the game crashes, why?

No problem! Your game is amazing and you have some interesting ideas to the game! Keep up the good work legend!

We're back! : Help WantedOct 11, 2021

I think the game is dead

Hi developer, there is currently a glitch where if you ask about the job with the store manager Ezzy, or whatever her name is,  the game freezes and forces you to restart.

I am looking forward for the update regarding to frick the sex bot in new ways or position.  I would be over the moon if they announced a sex update.

I am stuck trying to find garnet after her disappearance on the warp pad, what should i do to find her?

I think the creator hasn't updated that part yet

i love the game but it has a lot a suspense and creepy details as it made me think that it is a horror game

ooh id love to have this game on android

Yo I have finally able to start the game from the main menu with the latest version of the game. Thank you very much!!

do you have the latest version?

before you try to train the quirk with her, just go to the chair and click on it. you should find the option available

It is a nice game, keep up the good work

There is a bug where I can't give her the massage twice pls fix this.

Its all good, looking forward to the patch!

when I launch the app, it works as it should. However the buttons in the main menu don't work. Uninstalling and installing it again doesn't work either.

no no no, it is the start of the game entirely

Hi there is a glitch where android users can't start a new game pls help

ty for the help

Developer I cannot start the quest of the dog girl on the left, pls help

Please can we have the android version pls