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Pretty difficult. I haven't beaten it yet, but I'll keep at it. Something seems to be wrong with the music, though. It seems like the music is supposed to change as you get further down, but the music for the second area just loads on top of the first, so you end up with multiple tracks playing at once.

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I was NOT prepared for that ending! I really loved this from start to finish. Wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much for making this and putting it out there for us!

Very cute! Hope there's a downloadable version soon!

Nice! That would honestly make this the best version of the game for me. I'll be watching this!

Pretty good little remake. Are there plans to add Time Man and Oil Man?

Is there actually a grappling hook and power drill in the game or did you just put that in to drive me nuts? I looked all over the first few areas and can't seem to find them! Had a lot of fun with the game, though, so thanks for putting it out there!

For anyone that downloaded the game and can't play it in Firefox for some reason, you can create a local server on your machine to play, or run it through a program like Brackets that will do it for you. I had to use the latter method, but it works like a charm now.

Looks good now. Thanks for the quick fix!

I was able to download the OST, but not the game. Is that in a separate place?

Lovely little game! I really enjoyed the challenge of getting to the good ending. It's a shame there's no downloadable version.

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I got that bug when I installed the game using the "version 1" zip file, but not when I install it using the exe file. You may want to try that, though I'm not sure if there's a difference between the two versions as far as content goes. 

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This was a very nice experience. I ended up really caring about all the weird little characters I met and managed to find all of the exhibits in the museum except the last screen character. Not sure what I missed there. Gonna have to come back for that one. I hope you'll make a downloadable version of this eventually so I can add it to my collection of games to play offline, but for now I'll keep this page bookmarked so I can play it again later.