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You make some good points and I thank you for the feedback, it means alot to me that you'd take your time to play it.

But the magic isn't a rhythm game, it's simon says (hopefully adding music cues and different colouring will help highlight that)

I can't disable the controller input stuff as it's just defaulted to wasd is seems, I haven't enabled any sort of controller input it seems to be back-end engine stuff.


Thank you so much for playing it. 

The fishing thing seems to be a bug, in its current stage it is supposed to print out text telling you you caught a fish if you did, and if it got away if you didn't. However from your game-play it's evident that didn't happen and I'm unsure why, this will be fixed when a proper "wow you caught a fish" screen is added.

As for the water thing, I'm absolutely clueless as to why it creates the collision box for the begining of the animation and the end frame of the animation. It is what it is and I'm sure is a simple fix, as most of these seem to be. Thank you again for taking your time out to make a vid of your play-through, seeing how other people interact with my game helps me immensely.

I was wondering when someone would notice haha.