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Write to our ds developers and the community will be able to help you there.

Our problems on mac are related to using live2d, it doesn't work on M1, but we have collected solutions to this problem and attached to the game description.

in discord

Thank you very much for your feedback. Please tell me where the black screen bug appears? Can you please describe in more detail and send us a save to the discord channel.

We have auto-saves at every location change, if you have a specific save that didn't load, send it to discord, we will check.

Regarding the full walkthrough. We have a post on patreon giving a link on full walkthrough guide. And also in the game in the quests section, you can click on the hints for completing each quest

We are working on the android version, it will be released with the current version

We fix everything as soon as we find it, but here we have put together a couple of options for solving errors on mac

1) Launch Terminal
2) Type or copy/paste " chmod +x " (including a space after the x)
3) drag the app onto the Terminal window - this will fill in the correct path
4) Hit Backspace once - the last task will add an unnecessary space
5) Add the sub-path to the actual executable inside the app - copy this & paste it onto the end of your current Terminal line /Contents/MacOS/*
6) Hit Enter
7) Select the app and click "get info" 8) Tick "open using rosetta"
9) Enjoy the game!

We are currently working on the android version, the game has become so big that it is difficult. But we are working.

Please write to our discord so that the developers can ask you for more details and solve the problem

Hello! Log in through itch and he will see your purchases

Hello, write to the discord!

Can you be more specific about this issue on Discord?

Hello, by the end of the day the servers will connect and everything will work, thanks!

Hello, by the end of the day the servers will connect and everything will work, thanks!

Today there will be builds and access will open

Today there will be builds and access will open

Hello, yes, we are still setting up the final servers, we have updated the design, but the full release will be tomorrow night.

We are very pleased that you have shown interest in the launcher!

Hey! It will appear in the next update!

Press the download button and select the cost indicated in the builds.

The game has multiple endings, be sure

This is a paid game, so there is nothing in the free

You just log in through api-itcha and it will give you all the necessary access

more free

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No, we plan to release the next build in about a month, and after this release, version 0.3.5 will be free.

We updated the free version 0.3.0 a week ago. Previously, version 0.2.0 was free

Write to the discord in the bugs section

Of course there will be bug fixes.

With each new addition, old builds will become cheaper

There was an error in the price indeed build cost 5 dollars. Thanks for noticing!

Yes, but later.

The game is not linear, if all the quests are completed, then you will receive a notification. But even so, it will not mean that you have opened all the content

Hello. Now we fixed it. Sorry for inconvenience

Write to us on Discord and we will solve your problem

Write to us on Discord and we will solve your problem

Send us a message on Discord and we'll try to figure it out.

Can you please unsubscribe to us in the discord, we would like to deal with your problem and fix everything

Thank you!

Thanks to the support, we will be able to make a unique and really high-quality project, thank you!

Let it be, we are already adapting the interfaces, follow us on ds and on patreon.

Let's figure it out and fix it