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First i didn´t know exactly what to do (even though you said it in the beginning :D), but i completed all levels. Imo not exactly fitting the theme but i like it anyways :)

As the other guys i had some problems with the controls aswell (but you told me in chat^^). So i could test it. Great work

yea i´d say the same as the others. The main problem for me was that the game was over pretty fast, because if you take up like 2 speedthingies you catch the slime and won. Tell me if you done more balancing and i´ll test again :)

I actually like the idea with a mmorpg. I Couldn´t test the game other than blobbing around, because there have been no other people playing the game. The character looked good though and i jumped around a bit. Would like to test it with some players though :).

@wilsk yes unfortunately there is a camera problem. Even though the game has the same resolution as I tested it. So actually you can't move out of the camera and there is also a score counter on the left upper side. If it's possible I'll upload a fixed version of the game, when I have time. Thanks for your feedback

It looks pretty good.

Sometimes the blob doesn´t shoot.

Great work

You enter the room and press the red button, suddenly there are slime monsters everywhere. Pressing the fire button and running like a chicken, trying to survive the massive slime invasion. Turn off the pipes, kill and survive.

nice work mate this game makes a lot of fun :)

Positive : fast action, good controls, nice assets and animations

Negative : no restart button when you die (or i´m too stupid to restart the game :D),

Cant see stuff when youre at the bottom off the room

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Need a lot of feedback to improve the game

Your game was pretty funny and i liked the lemming kind gameplay with jumping stuff. Pretty simple, but nice puzzle game. The UI looked good and the slime guys jumped mostly as expected.

Didnt know what to do with the red stone though (told you in chat aswell :D).