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Good game idea, but checking clues didn't work. Nice audio btw

Have no idea what to do after killing the boos, but nice game

Character looks like water drop witch a zipper:) Great cutscene at ending, nobody expect that plot twist.

Difficult game like this need checkpoints, for example after every key. Good game despite of that.

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No problem, check mine

I really like everything connected with theatre and game match with the topic. I would like to see more stages


Little, interesting platformer. Music make great, mystery atmosphere, but i expected something like jump scare at the end. The biggest downside is camera positioning, so weird.

Soooo good game, you can draw two or three more characters and lunch the game on mobiles.

"I am married with Tom" My brain: I suppose woman to be married with Tom, but i need to check it twice. Look at fingers. She has ring while he hasn't. Answer. Lose.

I love to check all possibilities in that kind of a games, but there aren't skip dialogue button

Really needs a text that tells you. After all nice hand-draving cutscene and i always wanted to have a little squid on me head.

Nice game i can say. I really appreciate monster models and light. Only one thing is that hp donn't regen or regen to slowly to see :)

I suppose you can't