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this comment is exactly why you need to play this


Pretty fun take, the levels were a bit easy though. There are a few bugs concerning the time, but the actual gameplay doesn't seem to have any. gg!

Pretty fun game! I'd probably buy a more expanded version of it! There were a couple points where something unfair killed me (boss spawning on top of me, screen having very low visibility), but with more boss fights (and maybe a more difficult basic enemy, one you cant just get all into one place and shoot) it'd be really good!

This was a really cool spin! It was so tense to look at both players (tanks?) at the same time with a timer ticking the whole time! It was a little annoying that the camera was focused on the red one the entire time, but that seems to be a way to get players to get both to the end at the same time, so it makes sense! Overall a very fun game, would play more of it.

Thank you!

wait by "no end screen" do you mean infinite health for the boss(es)?

Why is it called an html "version" if its remarkably worse

I cant tell, but I think you wrote that anything going outside a certain box is excluded from the set. That box is actually a circle!

Yes, i made a template post and then finished it with the game

was actually submitted 3 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline.