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This is my impression of the beggining: amazing art, great sound design, an atmospheric albeit generic at times soundtrack but it has the kind of mc i hate the most in a VN. Too big for their britches and too quick to do something foolish. Instead of taking heed from the characters around them, they walk head first into danger for no good reason. Since they've managed to reach the city, they ought to know a thing or two about self-preservation and how carelessness isn't beneficial, especially given how the opening scene shows how perilous the journey really was. Yet, they continue to be thick headed and continue on very dangerous choices, whether to go to the place everyone that has helped them has said is unbenifical/dangerous or reacting in ways that felt unbeffitting as someone who is need of help(quick to anger over trivalties/quick to assume instead of realizing they're the outsider and can't expect much authority). I hope that in the full release the player will have more control over the MC's actions so that I might be able to go "Yeah you're right, I'm new here and you would know better than me about avoiding that place" or "yeah let's not follow the obviously creepy lady, even if she has the snake oil i need". I do understand that this is the epilogue and the way for us, the player, to be introduced to all the characters, but man was it frustrating since first introductions are pivitol, even on the MC's part. It made me feel like I wasn't interacting with the characters but some other entity was. I will say that as the story progresses, it seems that your own sense of the character starts shining through, but I haven't played enough to say for certain (i've just arrived at the part where you can choose who you want to spend the rest of the night with after the drinking with everyone at the Wet Wick). Nonetheless, this really is just me harping on about a character architype/trope I dislike and the actual game is quite compitent with plenty of male leads to suit your fancy

Literally cant delete the file or anything, even from the command line. No idea what is wrong with the game because it ran fine aside from sound not working at all. Save your money and purchase from Steam because this a can of worms

I finally finished the game!! I've been playing and replaying this game since 2020. I am so proud of everyone for finally releasing the full thing! And man was it a blast.  I can see so much improvement, especially with the menu UI. That was a treat to see. It didn't feel like I was over encumbered with random crap I'll never use unlike the previous builds. The thing that stuck out the most to me is I somehow missed the NPC that gives you the quartz watch, unless they were removed (or never existed in the first place and I'm misremembering). Which is a shame to me and me alone since that item was the first bonus equipment you got. I always treated it as my lucky item through my runs, so imagine my surprise when it came up as an item for finishing a battle! ALSO I didn't know that one quest needed low morale until this full playthrough so I must've been awful at keeping morale up lmao. Again amazing game, definitely would suggest to people who like compelling stories, awesome graphics, and fun turn based combat. I wouldn't call it challenging since I did not lose a single fight, only had 3 characters down through full playthrough, and had spare revive/healing items by the end of the final boss fight. But all of that could be because I replayed the game every time a new chapter was released so knew the strats/boss tactics. Anyhow, excited to see if this title ever gets sequels/prequels and what the team plans for games in the future!!!

omg congrats!!! It's been amazing following the development of this game, so I'm really happy I can still play the game even tho I purchased it from a bundle

this is so exciting!!! Thanks so much for the update and I hope everything goes well with the new publisher

Afraid I already restarted my save :[ good news is I did not encounter the glitch again so no clue what was going on

No i could not. Couldnt even escape the game normally with the esc key and instead had to tab out

I dont think i am supposed to be stuck here for 20+ minutes with no dialogue and only a looping elevator song. The elevator does move up but it never stops? The only thing i can guess that caused such a glitch is i never found the cabbage boy npc but he showed up in the level before this. Anyhow softlocked it seems rip

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makes sense! Thanks for making such a fun, cute game <3 also, i never ran into magical cabbage boy? I only saw him at the final level- i didnt see him over at the temp agency so im not sure how you start that friendship.

just started playing! A really cute concept. Unfortunately, the controls are a bit jank. Did not know for majority of my playthrough o/p can switch who goes first. Also annoying that once you've moved a character you cant switch to a different one, even if you havent done a move yet. It's a charming game nonetheless! I just cant figure out what the temp agency was for-

You're welcome! Still love the soundtrack and hope to see more of y'all's games

thanks for working so hard on this game! genuinely super excited to see the finished product

fun story but oh god did the save point system ruin it for me. When presented with a multiple ending story, I start with one main "entrance" and then find the endings from there before moving on to another "entrance". So starting off in Roma then ignoring hitchhikers but still taking a right, then playing the game normally. Then I would start in Roma again but go forward and ignore hitchhikers and then continue playing normally etc... this is fine until you get to Bracchio. It opens up with a race that isn't avoidable and the only impact on the story is if you lose, you win, or take a left when given a chance. There aren't any hitchhikers on the way because it's a race. So having to constantly repeat this section despite just wanting to get to the end of it is such a hassle. It gets worse when you've ran through every single one of the dialogue options. I do understand the game is wanting you to complete the race so it can decide what route to put you on but it doesn't make it better. It's even worse when I meant to skip the farmer hitchhiker but ended up slowing down too soon, making me pick him up(the ending involved Padre and having the farmer involved screwed me over) . That completely ruined me getting an ending I wanted so I had to REDO a race around 10 minutes before the gameplay I needed to actually focused on started. Me winning or losing that race was inconsequential, only impact it could have on me going on the Padre's route would've been taking that left.

The only other flaw I found is that dialogue options would sometimes appear out of order or without context. The worst was I got an ending talking about kidnappers or something and I was incredibly confused because not once was kidnapping mentioned. Also characters and events would cut each other off, so I think the roads need to be longer- I had to do donuts at some parts to get the full conversation so that I could then trigger the ending. 

 TL;DR Idk why the developers just didn't add a save at Sienna or have me choose when to have saves ;;;; and dialogue glitches go brrrrr

same thing happened with me and the keeper. very trippy

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great game! but i was playing as the knight in the area right after the deaf monster and i managed to break the game. idk how i was just pressing e and arrow keys to see my new attacks since (SPOILERS) 

the knight had a new ink blob effect to them. next thing i know i was teleported and stuck in the ground lmao i could walk around a little but he would act if i was going up and down stairs and through a path before then getting soft locked behind some set pieces. very weird and idk how i managed to do that. also when we finally got to the keeper, the sprite went haywire. it glitched severely to the point where i saw it t posing upside down with its feet sticking out of the ground at one point. not the first time i saw a sprite glitch (when the mosquito dude fixes the string on the elevator, the string glitched in and out of existence and later on the knight's png compresses itself and gets titled after fighting the snake) but def the worse due to it being an impactful scene rip. after finishing the game anytime the keeper was actively moving on screen it would glitch out so idk if this was intentional or not at this point 

good game! the 3d models would sometime act awkward and the audio clips would occasionally get cut off. and often times the audio and cc didnt match- but did all that really matter? not really because i havent seen a game like this before. i usually hate VN but this was interactive enough to keep me immersed!! do hope to see more stories from this world

sorry for such a late reply! the esape key problem happened after leaving to the main menu and loading the game back. the void encounter happened when i tried going through the staircase entry in the ice area. it was my first time loading into those areas (the ice area and into the staircase) of the map if that helps

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well i fell through the void whoops. very cute game tho! also the escape key stopped working at one part so couldnt get into the settings menu to then exit the game and leave the void

very excited :] keep up the good work y'all

this made me laugh way too much. I absolutely adored it

Just finished all the available chapters! I pulled an all nighter to finish it. I was that infatuated with it! I love the characters and cant wait to see how my actions affect their relationships even more. One thing I was surprised by is that I just hang onto a lot of early game gear since i cant really get rid of it. Totally thought id have to donate it to refugees in this new chapter or dump it somewhere. I'd gladly take having a full inventory of stuff since this game gives so much in dialogue, gameplay, and mechanics (and i can generally find what gear I want to use easily). Keep up the good work!