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Yes, but instead of (dissapear -> go to the next screen -> appear) it flashes a couple of times (disappear-> appear 2-3 times). Minor issue tho, overall a great game! :>

The run and punch gameplay is nice, gives me Hotline Miami vibes. It's rly missing some kind of checkpoint system, a health bar or a dodge/roll mechanic that lets you avoid bullets (for some reason my character was sometimes spinning when punching, but it didnt seem to be a dodge move).

Rly nice concept! Like a Black & White game, but you only control the resources that your followers get. The only gripe with the game I have is that you only can click on stuff when the cooldown wears off - that's fine, but your ability goes on cooldown always, even if you click on a spot that has nothing interactable on it. 

I honestly had no idea what was going on half the time. Managed to get to a stage where you fall through the bloody screen (as the white puppet thingy). Some of the backgrounds look rly nice tho.

It's a nice, simple concept that's a lot of fun. The only thing that bothered me is that I initially wanted to complete every single "segment" in one go, but sometimes the goal post was out of reach. Also, I believe that instead of limiting the time for one command, you could limit the time you spend typing the commands overall, so you can reward players that try to do as long command inputs as possible.

I really liked it! Besides the weird UI jumping (appearing and disappearing) when going between the questions, everything looks and sound rly nice. The idea is also cute as heck.

Great idea, but I believe that lvl 3 should be like 10-15... at lvl 1 you realise what you need to do and it's pretty easy, lvl 2 is the expansion of the same idea, and then it presents something rly hard to grasp. The moving DNA thingy is certainly interesting, but it's very hard to estimate which button does what and in what order you need to press them to proceed.