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Muito obrigado pelo feedback !


cara, eu te amo

Thank you for played my game,  in a few months I'm out again, online :)

testando, 1, 2 , 3

lmao, use Left Shift for run, thank you for pla

yed <3

lol I'm going to fix this bug, stay tuned I'm going to launch more games, thank you very much for playing friend

thank you so much for playing

I agree! I had in mind to put the "skinners" the mask monsters, to run and not only be passive, and I will add this in the full game, thanks for rating

thank you bro

hey bro, thank you for play my demo game


Nice Job Brother

the beta will be out soon, but as I'm going to add multiplayer, to be completely complete it will take a while.

look this trailer 

hello guys, look this

I was going to fix this bug, friend, but I lost the files, but I'm creating a new version of this game, practically a reimagination, where I explain things better and make the gameplay perfect and more tense

thank you dude, nice video !

I agree with you, I also thought the filters were heavy, I was going to change it but I totally lost the game files and probably this will be the last update :( but to make a "remake" of this game, totally different and with PS2 graphics

Remake in Trid Person is comming

i lost the archive

lmao, i sorry for mouse bug man :D i fixed now

oh man, i'm sorry, i think you ended up playing the version that the key disappears for some reason, but i fixed it! and I added new things, I hope you will think about playing!

I loved your video, you remind me of Eminem hahaha, stay tuned next time, less simple, more complex.

I can make a Mac version for you, do you want me to do it?

finalmente algm pensou nisso!

thank you dude!

thank you too

I'm sorry, it's my first game! the key was there at the wrong time, it was to open the car, "Lou", the name of the antagonist stole from you somehow

soon i will make a more complex

Yeas haha ! is very short

I loved this video, dude!

sorry, it was a bug, my computer doesn’t have the Left Shift key, so I put it to run on Space while it produced, but I’ve already fixed it

I corrected this error

thank you bro haha

Thanks for playing !! 

the key was to escape in the car, but I confess that the level design wasn’t cool, I had plans for random places where she was going to appear, but I had a 10 hour goal to make the game, so I didn’t think much about it.

it is my first game, orbited for evaluating, I will improve!

clear! yes yes

hahaha he knows who you are

thank y bro ! will have more better games