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but... but then it wouldn't be pointless anymore!? lol lol

Well, it worked for sure! When I first started back in 07, I also used to modify sprites/graphics to my needs as well. Its totally practical and makes learning easier and better. Also helps you learn to make your own along the way, that's how I learned spriting; by dissecting and editing existing ones. Keep it up, you're doing great! :)

Very nice game! Not as tricky, but does have some fooling here and there. Love the art and sound! My only negative is the cats being killed -- boo... :( lol -- Other than that, lovely game! Keep it up!

Holy cow, I got defeated by this game! lol Love the art and idea of the game. Very, very tricky though, but worth it!! Keep up the good work!

Here we have another Trap Adventure game, but really reels you into thinking this going to be a sweet and brave adventure of a little leaf... only to be completely wrecked!! lol Love the art and the feel of the game! So much work went into it and I hope to see more!

I actually played this before the jam ended and boy, I still love it! Its simple yet effective! Lots of deceiving lol

I love everything to do with this game! Also, I have a HUGE love for Japanese style ANYTHING. So maybe I'm being bias? Anyways, love the trickery. Reminds me of Trap Adventure, but in an RPG element. Good work and keep it up! Would love to see more in the future!!

GameMaker :)

Thank you!! I was going to add Fullscreen, but for some reason it refused to work... :( I've actually been looking into a fix for when the jam is over. The screenshake was a last minute add and to be honest, I too didn't really like it, but my mistake was adding it so late in the development; which made fixing it too late lol I think I may opt for a new camera system? I am using a bit of an outdated one lol 
Glad you liked it, I wasn't sure on how good it was.. but as the saying goes "You're your worst critic" :p 

Really appreciate it!! Really didn't think this game was gonna be loved so much! :D

Thank you!! Congrats on winning!! :D

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You know, I didn't think of that! lol :p I should have! I am unsure if the rules of the Game Jam would let me update until after the jam is over... or if I can even update it at all lol If so, I may actually add that :p

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you!! :D

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Thank you!!! ^.^

I could have sworn I did make it auto-restart? Soon after the round, it should countdown again and reset :p

Edit: Or do you mean a button to reset "During" gameplay? :p

Hi, I know it's been a little while since an update; but was wondering if by chance you could also include a identifier table to each crop. It helps with developers who may struggle to know which crop is which or cant make it out. This is only a suggestion though, so no need to worry if you can't or don't have the time. :)

Btw, great work! We are considering using this asset in an upcoming game. :)

Cool idea! We have been wanting to make a game like this for quite some time, would love to see more of this game and hopefully some models of the actual celebrities! Especially interested in the idea that it appears Greta is apart of the roster! \m/

Let us know if you need any pointers or help with any content for this game, we wouldn't mind lending a hand. :)

Great job! :)

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Oh my, didn't know people were still playing this old game! lol One of our first 3D games and though it has a million issues, I'm just glad to see it still has a decent following :P

Thanks for playing and sharing!! :D

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Nevermind, Shaun... I legit forgot to write a line.. lol I didn't write the "x -= x mod TILE_SIZE;" line... >.< That was such an embarrassing move! lol

Hey Shaun, I am a little stuck on the collision side of everything. I've been working with GameMaker since Gm6, but I have decided to look at your tutorial in regards to using GMS2. Since the systems and language has been changed drastically and also allows for more new features, I wanted to learn how to utilize them as much as possible. My problem is after following Episodes 15-18, I have been experiencing a strange bug. My player seems to dash through the tilemap collision in a particular corner, thrusting him out of bounds. I assumed I made a mistake on either the collision script or the entity collision... but they have appear to be no errors with how I typed it up. I don't usually like to copy exact code and I tend to look and study it, but this is one of those instances where I had to backtrack and delete the whole collision code and copy it exact how you wrote, yet the bug persists... not sure on what to do here, I am very confused on what I did wrong. :p

Any help would be much appreciated!


I try not to give too much away, but all I will say is... on the first map with the tent, check out the gate that locked shut. ;P Thank you for the comment.

No, it was a problem on our end. The collisions didn't have a trigger variable, so it just didn't register. The new version has addressed these issues and you should check it out! :D

Objectives have been updated and bugs have been fixed, please check out the new version for better gameplay. :)

You're very welcome! We also recommend you check out the new version as it addresses all bugs you've encountered. :)

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The battery system has been depreciated. Please do check out the new updated version. :)

A new update is out now that has addressed all bugs you've encountered!! :)

Thank you so much for playing and saying kind words. The bugs are being worked out as I hear more of them. Testing on my end has been odd and Unity seems to yield odd results as none of the recharging bugs are appearing for me on my machine... however, this update will fix that problem ;) We take all responses and suggestions from the community and make sure to follow through with those requests.

I will take a look at it and see, I might have missed something.

Thanks man! Means a lot that you love it! I am releasing an update today, so stay tuned. Thank you for your review! <3

Hmm, that's odd.. I just tested it again and it works fine for me. Unity is such a strange, fickle engine.... Anyways, the Tutorial was a last minute implementation... Does the objective and the barrier unlock and allow you to continue? or is there no response to anything? The battery recharge isn't actually important in the tutorial level. It's entirely standalone. As long as you learned the idea and button -- AND the barrier and objective completed, you can just move on... but if not, may have an issue with either the collision or the script not firing correctly. I will try to find an outside tester to see if this problem persists outside my machine. :)

OMG! I totally forgot the Escape Objective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be making an immediate update today! You have to back-track to the car on the first map! So sorry I forgot that, I didn't have a lot of testers on hand. lol #IHaveNoFriends lol