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The .rar file for this game just appeared in my downloads today (twice), through no action of my own and to say I'm weirded out would be... an understatement. I fully realise this sounds like a bit, but I'm dead serious.

Really enjoyed this one, but that last section is *killer*.

Well, I completed that section but I think it was out of sheer dumb luck if I'm honest, haha! I also only received one hint while I was wandering about, but I wonder if they're triggered by resets (back to the first area) rather than time taken?

I am, yeah! Even with the hints, I can't seem to work out what I'm doing - I follow glowing paths and go right back where I started! Like I said, possible I'm a total dummy.

I think I might just be a bit dense but I truly can't work out what I'm doing - even when I see the markings on the ground to follow(?) Shame, because this definitely piqued my interest but I'm going around in circles!

'Diary of the Dead' is misspelled as 'Dairy of the Dead' and that got me killed!