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The only glitch that makes me rage is when you kill the guy on the ballista. You get stuck in the ballista and can't do anything but wait to die.

Other than that, fantastic game!

The problem is only fixed by starting a new game, it persists if I merely exit the game and return and Continue.

I didn't try rebinding the keys. If it happens again I might try that.

This is the most recent build (0.1.8)

Specs: "The New" Razor Blade (2016): Windows 10, 16GB RAM, 6GB Nvidia GPU


No controls are working except moving mouse. Thought you should know.

I was fighting a couple guys while standing on an unidentified murder victim. I wonder if that's part of the problem?

Is there a particular format you would like to get reports of bugs in?

Already played through, very nice! Out of curiosity, if you take a picture of something that wasn't required but also take a picture of each required page, do you get points taken off? Because I think I took a picture of two pages that I didn't need to in the last assignment and got 100%.

Also, this is my first Jam to participate in/comment on submissions, am I allowed to ask questions like this or make suggestions?

Sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to trying it out!