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I'm a bit sad that the option to get the Beastman lover flag mislead me to accidentally choose a different option. I avoided the cute option and it skipped past the other options to get the flag and CG. :(

Other than that, I'm quite liking the game! Thanks for the wonderful work! 

I love the art style and I enjoyed the scenes for the Outlaws! I'm kind of wondering if the Wolves have a sex scene since I couldn't seduce them. 

Other than that, I'm looking forward for the next update! 

It's kind of impossible to edit on mobile as I couldn't even find the file akra.rpy on any directories. Editing the apk might yield some result though.

I couldn't read the text at all since it blends in with the background. Looks interesting though.

I really enjoyed this game! Looking forward for the next update!

I would've love to play this if it weren't for the lack of time. I haven't even gotten the chance to play the previous 2 updates.

Though, it does motivate me to actually restart the game from scratch and see the contents myself blind since it's been a while.

Despite this, I'm grateful for the update!

I really enjoyed the new update! I haven't seen the different shower scenes though for some reason even though I went through the permanent route. 

Also, I have to ask if you could increase the acceptance on Bret route, it seems like I can't do anything to change it as I was only able to change it through Mark's route. Shower scenes are also blank for some reason.

I also don't know what playmore is, not being able to see anything about it. I don't know what I have to do to see it.

Besides all my complaints, thank you for the wonderful update!

I'm so glad to backup all my save files to a folder before encountering Nameless. I was shocked to find out that the decision is locked to whatever choice you made and wouldn't change in any other playthroughs. I do hope there's some kind of option to disable this in the settings since it does slightly frustrates players to restarting their game.

Anyway, thanks for the update! That was fun to play!

This is so cute! I honestly want to see more of what happened between Quince and Purple, but I'm happy enough with the ending. Thanks for making this!

Yeah, this is definitely better! I'll definitely go and play this once I have enough free time.

Good work for this!

I really enjoyed playing this game! I've been craving for some furry vn for a while and this help sate it. I'm looking forward to the next update!

This is a method I used just so I can play the game on Joiplay. You can go and open up the keyboard and press A to open up a menu. Once there, press the Debug on the top right of the screen and close the menu. I hope this helps.


It was a bit hard on mobile, but I did have enough space to press the buttons so it was enough to play this.

Anyway, this is definitely one of the games I'm looking forward to play in the future! I've recently discovered hypnosis and this definitely made me crave it more. Well, thank you for the great game!

Yeah. You need the windows version for Joiplay to recognize it. Hope you enjoy it!

Just download Joiplay on the Playstore and install the rpg maker plugin. After that, you can put the executable of the game in the app and play it.

I enjoyed playing through all the translated sections of the game. I'll definitely go back and replay this when the progress of the translation is far enough to enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to it!

You can try and play it on Joiplay. I had fun playing on it.

How long will the gameplay be when the game is completely finished?

(Also, I enjoyed the game that I occasionally play it when the net is down. It may seem simple, but the story is enough to pull me in, along with the loveable characters.)

Awooo! Thank you for the update! I enjoyed reading through all the endings, especially the neutral route. I can't really see Alon and Rune getting together, but it's the hotness that counts.

I'm a bit excited at imagining what else this game will offer in the future.

Once again, thank you for the update you brought to us! May the shelter have a bright future!

Even other keyboard apps I installed don't work. Is there any save files I may be able to use to proceed with the game?

Something's wrong with the game. I can't start it at all whenever I try to name my character. I can input the characters (text) but it seems that I can't press enter to confirm it, just staying at the prompt.

I'm playing on Android btw.

This is so wholesome! I'm really interested at what really happened before this! Is it possible that you'll make some sort of short prequel? It'll be nice to see some cute interactions with the duo!

I'm not much for romance, as I mostly came here for the smut, but I definitely would rather see some cute story between the two! Thank you for the VN!

Really enjoyed playing this! I look forward to seeing more content in the future!

Goat is a nice choice for a tavern owner. Though, the rest of the choices are fine with me as well. Don't really have a preferences into any of them.

This will be one of the games I'd look forward to playing! Already attached to Killol and Shiro! Alongside Gogo too(he reminds me of myself tbh).

Ritch is basically a friend I can spend time with, but not romantically. But I do like him!

Looking forward to itt! Just take some occasional breaks if you're pressured or whatnot.

I'll be looking forward for the download file! I can't really play the game on my computer since it's out in the open for my family to see.

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You can go and try using JoiPlay. It works for me.

Thank you for the new update! Also, Merry Christmas!

It changes on each gameplay. You need to rely on saves states and keep memorizing the coin toss results. You can write the results down in the paper.

Save file got corrupted... No worries! I just edited the html and I upped my exp, money, tokens to maximum!

Though, I will probably start over since I actually like going through the events of the game again.

Also, a bit of a review, I really love Cernos! He's so cute! And I really love how he turned dominant in the end! But I was a big t put off with how much Cernos became confident in the end. I was would've just used 2 magic seeds if I were to really interact with him irl. But I do see the appeal of his last personality.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game!

Also, the only event I hadn't done is Gigantic Undertaking and I can't seem to make the event play at all. I slept at the camp multiple times already. Is there anything else I can do?

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I can't seem to find anyway to save the game on android. Is this normal?

Edit: ... Found it, and it was hidden really well. I actually just have to scroll the top screen down and I also found where I can see my money, level, etc. Jeez, at least I saved the game before I slept. I'm a bit glad for that.

I can't defeat Ruvin at all! I'm currently in Trald's Route, but I already picked all the choices I can find to try and beat Ruvin. It just leads me to a bad end... Are there any hints?

Is it possible for me to just edit the whole game just from the custom folder? I'm actually a bit interested with making my own scenario.