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wait a sec why am i here?

A member registered Oct 18, 2019

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looks nice tbh

Hi! im very interessed in you game and i really want to play it! but i dont have a vr
is there any other way to play the game without vr?

hi bro! i really love you game and i have some hints for it be better
1. try to remove the thing that when you shoot the gun it goes up
2. add more cheats, for example: z + b = god mode, z + u = infinite ammo
3. add a water level and even maybe boats to the game, and more rideable veichles
4. more buildings, like normal walls and etc.
5. try to add a options menu if you can
welp this is all i really wanted to you to add, anyways if you could at least add the new cheats i would be happy, thanks for reading this <3

btw i created a new account just to comment this and sorry for my bad english <3