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It was a beautifully drawn visual novel, loved the music. It is an interesting story to write it after. 

I vibed with this game and loved the mystery from beginning to end. I wished there were more. Great game. Fantastic. 

I like the concept and the poem and fishing is so difficult but great game bro. 

I love the art for this. Epic visual novel! 

I wish to see the second part but, it seems like it was put out a long time ago. I had a good time with the first part though. 

I liked the concept. Your character is going through his inner turmoil in a healthy manner despite being a ruthless murderer on the battlefield.

Beautiful tracks and art. I really like emotion!

I really enjoyed this as well as all of your games. I love how you dive into supernatural concepts. Great work! 

This was super cute! Much love for it! 

I really liked this. Beautiful Story! There were a few dialogues that were a little messy, translation-wise but overall I enjoyed the turnaround and the concept. Hope to see more of the story unfold!

It was a nice game, great job! Love the effects the witch had on people, and the music, and the witch's son is an interesting character.

I liked the weapon of choice for my character

, much respectable. 
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 Nice atmosphere.Enjoyed the intro!

It felt very sad. 

So cute! I had such a swell time! 

I never finished but, I had fun.

Such a sad state of affairs, yet a beautiful game.

Amazingly adorable game! 

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This was a very beautifully crafted story and I enjoyed it very much. Very pretty.

I made this a long time ago but for some reason could never find the page to post the video. I'm glad I have now rediscovered it. I was afraid the game got deleted or something. 

I had fun with this one to! Loved the vibe! 

I jumped. It is really good. 

I liked this game a lot. It leads you into a false sense of security and traps you. Very suspenseful.

It was so good I played it twice.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I thought it was really good. 

This was an amazing horror game. It really scared me! I liked it a lot! 

I adore this. Very great writing. 

I didn't get all the endings however I did enjoy exploration of the game. It's a very symbolic game. Nice game!

I had fun trying to discover all the end screens. I loved the music you used and the opening title screen was well made! Such a great game! 

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Such a cool little story! Loved the scenery!

Had a lot of fun discovering all the endings!

Ohh I loved this one the most out of all three. Such nice content. Hope to play more in the future! 

It's a fun series I can't wait to dive into the other game as well!

This was a great remaking of this game. Very scary and I enjoyed being able to experience a FNAF game. Thank you.

It was a very unsettling experience I enjoyed playing. 

I liked this a lot. 

I really loved how you wrote the nice guy, very hateable. The art is so pretty. Great work!

This was a cool creature design. I thought it looked unsettling. 

Had a rocking good time with this game. I like that you included God's dialogue lol. So funny!

This was a magical and fun experience. I am glad I got recommended it :3