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This was such an adorable little game I am so happy I got to play it and the picture of them at the end is so cute! 

This was so cute and fun to play! There are so many cool elements to making a profile. You thought of and added a lot! This would make for a really cool discord bot to be honest. 

I loved this game so much! Been looking for another wholesome horror game and that 'friend' sucks!

This was such a fun and challenging pixelated game! Had fun playing it!

I am so happy I got to play this game! I loved the character model and how you made her hands feel around. Such a tragic story. Great work!

This game was a challenge and I couldn't even do it justice in finishing all the endings but, I had a lot of fun while playing it. What a great and uniquely horrific game!

This game had me all over the place. I love how you don't truly find out the reasoning behind everything until you get a particular end. It made me interested on the character's intentions and had me guessing the whole time. Really well made! 

This game was so awesome! I did not expect the twist at all and I loved the voice acting done on it! Great job on the writing and this visual novel!

I was so happy I got to play this game as well! Such a good, fun horror game! I loved that there was a good ending as well!
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Someone who watched my House Hunted Video recommended I played this game as well and I am super glad that I was able to because this game is really well done! I was surprised by the changes in environment and styles. Great Job!!

This was so well. The visuals, the music, and the horror aspect is unsettling. It was fun trying to piece a story together. Great game! 

I was happy to finally be able to play this game and am interested in your other games as well! Great work on the jam! I love the character model you got and the music is fitting. The story was unexpected so I like that as well!

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The character design is really good. I wish I would've been able to get to know my own character or even the Jester a bit more, digging into their stories and all that. I find it funny that I summoned him involuntarily and the only way completely out of it, where he has no play in your future,  is by being rude to him. Good stuff! 

The voice acting is really good as well. It reminded me of someone.

This was so beautifully made! The concept was simple and easy to understand. The visuals were breathtaking. 

I only wish there was a little more context on the backstory aspect of it. 

I thought it would be like a tinder date but, I was already married. I liked the character models, the music made it lighthearted, and it was a cute game! 

Wow. I am taken aback by how incredibly good this game is. Just wow.

I am so happy I was able to play this masterpiece. More than once even. It was a grand time indeed. 

This was a cool concept to make a game about. I'm glad I got to play it! 

I love your games, super great writing and art! This one certainly has relatability and charm. Can't wait to play more! 

An interesting game I must say. I am glad I was able to eventually feed the cat. Hope to see more games!

This game's style is gorgeous. I can not express this enough. I enjoyed having some puzzles to get through and the pure wholesomeness of the story altogether. Wonderful job! 

This is really good, down to the music, I loved this game before I opened it. The style, though black and white, really works with the game. Such a great job in making it! I'm eager to play more of your games!

This is a very cute game with a little twist I didn't expect near the end. I love the style of it. I loved that you went for a point-and-click game as well. It works well for the format of this story. Such a wholesome story. I'm glad I got to play it and plan to play your other games soon as well!

I started playing this game, this is the first part, I do like the mixture of 3 and 2-D styles. It did load a lot in the middle of me playing when I exited the prison part but, I am glad I continued to play and I hope to finish it soon. Good job on this game! 

This was a great game. It has so much personality and I was really happy I was able to play it! I liked the style and the art and the concept. It was sweet and charming. Great job on it! 

I also attempted to play your frog date game as well but it says the files are invalid. I hope I can figure out what's going on with that so I can eventually play it as well. 

This was an incredibly long playthrough for me but I am glad that I was able to get to it. I loved the style and the writing and storytelling were incredibly well done. Great job on this game!

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This was a sinister experience. I had a lot of fun reading it! Great job on it! It had a unique style to it as well. I loved the art. 

I tried to understand the plot point with Erika and the other guy but I kinda don't understand it. Other than that it was a fun read! Great job!

I was able to get three endings. I loved the creepy character model and the writing is really well done. Great job on this! 

I thought this was amusing and launched a vendetta against the mother. I liked the art for this as well. Good job! 

This had such a cute style to it. The characters were different from each other personality-wise and I didn't expect how it ended. Great game! 

I loved this visual novel. The art is beautiful, the story was well told, and I raged at those mean girls so much. Amazing job on this. 

I enjoyed this game, it progressed quickly and wasn't dialogue-heavy, simple, and to the point. I love the way you made her face change as she was talking. I also played A Date with Mio in this video. It was very short. I hope to play the full game soon! 

I love this game. So many options, some relatable endings, and a good mixture of situational pain and hope. The art is great and the story all came together really well! 

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Hey I took a look at the game. It's has some humorous cutscenes and I love the olden aesthetic and the voice acting. The skateboard didn't work for me and I couldn't get all the peanuts, but it was a pleasant little experience. 

This was pretty long but, had a good message and was aesthetically pleasing. I feel like there was a bit to much detail at times along with some things that were said more than once but other than that it was pretty good. 

This game has a lot of personality to it. 

This game is witty and comical, and the food art looks quite good to the point where it makes me hungry. It's refreshing to see a game that takes something simple and gives it so much personality and I love that there are many endings. This is such a great piece of work. 


Such a cute, risque game. I love the style and the characters were well made. I'm glad I was able to play it and hope to see more games! 

I can't wait for the full version, though it needs some grammatical polish. I love the art for the zombies and the memories and there's a fun story going on here as well. Good luck with completing the full game!