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Great music and this is absolutely adorable!

I didn't think anyone would even play this, you even took the time to comment hahha. Thank you!

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Yo this was satisfying to play.  The aim could use some improvement, and I think you should decrease the bullet spread just a bit on the rifle. Overall nice game! 

Hello! Just click "More Info" below the paragraph and then click run anyway below. This is Microsoft's defender just trying to block the application because it tries to access one information on your pc. Which is part of time game :)

I hope you finished eating those chicken nuggets! Thanks for playing

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I would love to refund your money right now! But currently, handles all the money/purchases within 7 days after payment. The only way to refund is by contacting's support email on Please go to that website and request a refund through email. Pretty sure they'll give you your money back. You can search this on google if you need more information/confirmation

Unfortunately, this game is for windows only. I don't think I'll port this to mac, since I don't own any apple product. Sorry!

I didn't expect the creepy and unsettling vibe. Oh the goosebumps!

Hii, what do you mean by "can't press anything"? Do you mean inside the game? If it's inside the game, just walk up to the buttons then press left click to interact :)

Hiii, after you downloaded the game. Click the file and extract the folder named "Interrogation 091 v1.0.0". After that you can just open the folder you've extracted, then launch the file named "Interrogation 091"!

Hello! I am really flattered that you'd go out of your way just to ask how to play this game. It means a lot to me! 

To answer your question, first extract the folder named "Interrogation 091 v1.0.0" anywhere you'd like (e.g. your desktop). After that, just open the folder then launch the application/exe file called "Interrogation 091". Then you'll start playing again!

I'm not sure what was the issue in your case, I can only guess. But I hope this fixes the issue. Thank you! <3

The art looks so good, and even the page! Although the text looks so big haha.

The movement is really.. idk how to describe it. The smoothy movement is really annoying to work with. It's slidey and unresponsive(as in it's starts slow, then goes fast as you walk.) making adjustments hard. For a platformer and with a timer, precision of the movement is a must.

All in all I like the game! :) The levels are nice, and introduces complexity too as you go along

How did he make this comment spin lmao

Ahh, thank you! I actually have an idea in mind. Though I plan to explore more genres to improve my knowledge in the future. So it may take  while hahaha

Thank you so much for your support :D 

I personally think there's not much added to the game, just a few polish here and there. But I'd really appreciate it if you did!

The character animation is so fluid and nice. Although against the style choice, I think this game would benefit from lighting. Great job devs :D

For a 2 minute game, this is really good!

Thank you for being so understanding! I really appreciate the support the game is receiving 

Thanks man! This wouldn't exist if you didn't make that game jam tho

Try redownloading the game and run it again, or try using different quality settings. Update me if it works or not :)

Search "Elevator music" on youtube

Why don't you jump in and play to find out? ;)

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I've sent you an email about it!

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Hello! This is a new game. It's still in the development, but I uploaded a sort of a teaser of the game. 

Game Desc:

You are being interrogated. You start to notice that the questions are getting.. odd. As you stay inside the interrogation. Something weird happens? Are you really being interrogated at all?

Game Link:

This game was inspired by Sentient. It was created in 48 hours for a 3 day game jam. So far this is the result. What do you think of the game so far? What emotions did you feel? What was the game's strength and what was lacking?

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Hey flabby! Thanks for playing my game. I commented on your video! I really appreciate your feedback. I'm glad you liked it

Thanks man! 

Very thank you! Really appreciate u playing my game and giving it a feedback

I love the visuals and the concept! I love how the player looks and feels. I got stucked on the level where you have to jump between spikes and those grass thingy. I couldn't find a solution. The save is a bit snappy too, it's just a minor thing. Great job though! Wish u the best :)

Thanks man! Especially for playing my game. Now this is a really good feedback! I'll be enhancing the experience and add more content to the game soon. I've commented on your vid!

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Thanks! I didn't want to rely on jumpscares. I wanted the game to make you feel tensed and scared about what's actually happening. 

Actually no, this was inspired by sentient! I watched a gameplay of start survey and it actually feels similar. Might take inspiration from it! Thank you for playing my game :)

Oh it works! But the mouse is hidden, which makes the game really hard to play

Hey! Thanks for playing my game! Commented on your video :)

The story seems interesting! The game is unplayable for me though. For some reason my cursor wasn't visible so I had to click randomly and hope I click the buttons. Eventually leading me to quit.

I think dialogues that tells you your tasks like "I have to find clues." would also be very beneficial. Best of luck for you! :)

Hey Elisalikan! I really appreciate your feedback. I've played your game, I'll be commenting my thoughts at your page :)

Indeed. I hope they realize that actually helping other people helps their game, heck even their lives too!

Hello! To support and give chance to others, consider sorting to least rated games. I hope I'm not too late to post this. I kept forgetting hahaha

The reason why I posted this is because my game is only at 7 ratings, despite it being top 1 on popularity. You may wonder why. Well I'm getting more traffic outside of the jam. I'm appreciative of that! But it makes me think of other players that has 10 below ratings. 

We all know that this jam is about creating interesting games, not interesting cover arts and screenshots. To avoid this being a marketing contest, let's sort by least ratings and support them as well.

Just to clarify, if it's not so clear yet. I don't really care about my game sitting at 7 ratings. It's just unfair for people sitting below, and not having the chance to recover because they're in the blindspot. Who knows what treasure lies in there hahahaha

Thank you!!! Hahahaha I'm glad you liked the concept of the game! :)

What do you think of the game? Really appreciate your gameplay! This made me notice a few things I need to change. So thanks :)

Hey chancecanplay! I really liked your gameplay. The editing is on point! Hope your channel grows, it has great potential too.

Oh and I'm only a solo dev. Hahahhahaha really appreciate your feedback

Thank you so much for playing and recording my game! It made me realize things that I can improve in the future.

Also I really liked your commentary! I hope your channel grows more :)