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I think one thing that has already set it apart is the fact the theme has been announced so far in advance. So compared to a typical jam where you will have to come up with an idea on the spot, here we will have had a chance to think things through. That is unless I have misinterpreted things and there will be an extra theme announced on the actual day layered on top of the slow game thing?

I've taken it as bad form to actually start working on anything in advance, but still having this time to let ideas percolate is qualitatively different to the way things are usually arranged.

I've never done a game jam before so not really sure how easy it is to team up on the day. I thought I would introduce myself and maybe make some connections in advance. Hi, I'm James!

I'm probably going to be older than many of you. I've dabbled on and off with gamedev for years (decades?), though as much off as on. I still consider myself a novice, though I'm hoping that I am more competent than I realise.

I'm certainly not a *total* novice. I recently released a word game on Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.... (or search for WordRainbow (as one word)), built in Unity. I chose this as a small game requiring minimal graphics to practice actually finishing something - as with many hobby devs I have left a trail of unfinished stuff in my wake, and wanted to buck that trend. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, its actually a very addictive game.

In my day job I am a database developer (MS SQL Server), so if you need help with persistence in your games I could be your man. Normally I would not think most game jam games really need to worry about this, but if there was ever a game jam where the games might need persistence its this one.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting everyone at the jam, if you want to sort of team up in advance let me know. I have a couple of ideas of my own, but I am more than happy to help other people realise theirs instead.