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Waclaw I

A member registered Jan 16, 2019

Recent community posts

Cool music and sounds, really smooth animations! I see the lights are the big part of the game and, so far, are really impressive!

I allowed myself to write down some things I personally disliked:

- There are no subtitles when the narrator speaks. His voice is really low and sometimes I had trouble to understand everything.

- Fullscreen behaves strangely when in main menu

- I died like 3 times and despite killing something about 20 undeads I do not see myself at the ladder!

- Only way for me to go back to main menu was to refresh the entire page. Then I needed to log in in order to see the highscores. Many steps!

- I tried to fend off undeads with shield spell but it had no use. I am confused, how does this spell works?

- There is literally nothing on the first floor! Maybe reduce number of rooms? I had the worst possible roll when looking for stair. It was exasperating!

- I got a quick prompt to 'find the sword' and I was wandering for quite some time on the same floor as I thought I must have missed it because of the call to find it!

Keep up the good work!