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Thank you for trying it out! It's a hard game to beat for sure. I even struggled beating it. But I believe the challenge is worth the success you feel after. There's a back story to it as well I hope that all worked :

Midnight scenes has to be my favorite series. Everyone of the games tells a great story. Could make anyone enjoy pixel games! 
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Michael Myers hates Halloween? Michael fighting Jason! wait what!? Timmy Tommy's hiding guns?

Amazing game I enjoyed it!

Got PTSD just trying to get cereal! good game

Old man tryna FIGHT! My fishes now! good game 

LOCK ALL YOUR DOORS! he gonna touch you! good man i enjoyed playing it :) 

MOM HIDE! wait? ... no don't hide. GREANDMA IM COMING WITH MORE FOOD! good game


YOO NEIGHBOR GIVE ME BACK MY KEYS BRO! such a great game. good spooks. I literally wanted to leave the apartment for my safety! 

Thank you! I do try. Keep hustling on the games, looking forward to more! 

of course! and it’s no competition both games a very unique experiences! I appreciate your hard works and effort. it was a fantastic horror game!! 

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THESE METH HEADS HAVE MUTATED!!! Loved the game, And seen "the thing" poster.  Perfect for Halloween! Game 2 in playthrough

This BABY is Gonna KILL ME FOR FOOD! Great game you made, perfect for Halloween! First game   

RUN AND HIDE! A different take on the series! I like it very much. Also I didn't know it was on steam. The story in this one was great and the different characters personalities brought it to life! 

DRIFTER ON THE LOOSE! hide your car, hide your fuzzy dice! It was an interesting game.  Short and good 

I love these style games! I'm glad you made one in this style :) Game #2 in my gameplay

TIMMY RUN! Interesting short game. Thankful for it being short. The character had the ride of their life!
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RICHARD WE WILL RETUN YOU TO LOVE BROTHER! Another great game you made! Also the notebook from Coleman glitched. Other then that I enjoyed the whole experience. 

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CLAIRE STOP TOUCHING THAT! Great game! definitely checking out the other ones. I love your style you have going on

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I just wanted to clean my room! ghost busters HELP! very good game. I'm sure you'll find a liking to my playthrough

MOM! DAD! HURRY! loved the idea and design of the game. I look forward to more games from you. It's the second game in my playthrough of two scary games

You KEEP THAT DOOR SHUT! i enjoyed the childhood fear game you made. Its the first video in my 2 horror game upload. 

Go with me on this crazy burger adventure and find out how I became manager while also being new the first day!

I love what you got going with this, I cant wait to play the finished game. I think you will find a liking to my playthrough of it. 

WE MUST STOP GEORGE! interesting game! we love to see it

Running around like a chicken with the spooky sounds and the black pits of earth around me. save us all 

DONT GO FORWARD! very good game enjoyed

All I know is don't proceed forward. Go at your own risk!

Really good game. Remember DONT LOOK AT THE MOON!

Super spooky, liked the design of it. interesting plot