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Oh wow that was great!  You played it just the way it was intended.  This seriously made my day! 

Yes that's a good idea but I'm not sure how to do that. 

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My game is not eligible  because I've put a price on it (to stick it to Disney) and being a PC game while the jam requests browser-only submissions. I submitted anyway because I love the idea of this jam.

I think I've come up with a workaround though. I can provide keys to the judges, and there's a video playthrough offering a point-and-click conversation with Mickey, so you get almost the full experience that way, no exe required.

However, I'm not sure how to share this with the judges. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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The conversation was written in the FOSS system Twine then brought over to the excellent Dialogue system for Unity by Pixel Crusher's. 

I'm impressed by the anime style and the variable icons.   I'd love to see the project files to learn how you did that. 

Is there any other information you can share?  Version of windows, if other VR games reacts, ect? 

That's awesome, I love it when that happens and I'm so rarely on the other side of it. 

The game is pretty stable, have you updated your drivers, ect?

PC or Oculus? 

OH! unexpected. I'd like to know more.  contact me (user name at gmail) and maybe I can speed your project up.   I was not efficient in my optimization but it might help you. 

You didn't say though, what are you planning? 

What game did you choose?  Are you going to vr port it? 

It's about 50/50  I pulled them from the game but had to spend a lot of time getting the textures right.  I then created the city from scratch one recreated building at a time. 

In the end it's the same as in the game but I had to put a lot of labor into make it so. 

I'm glad to hear you guys are together again.  Perhaps my friends and I will quaff a tankard of ale in your new MMO once it's out. 

Thanks so much for taking a look!  I was just a kid when I played it the first time and have actually come back to it over the years so I do for any classic.  

The 2D game works on chrome now, it was invaluable for this project.

It really does depend on the reaction.  If it gets big enough I'll add all the first level open world stuff then set another milestone for the first "dungeon" level.  That will require new code wile the open world stuff is only adding the content. 

This is entirely fan made and I doubt he'll ever see it. 

I like the look on her face when she checks out the fridge. 

This was fun, I felt like I was really searching the house to get the chain of gifts going.