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The controls are very much in need of improvement. The platforming is clunky and difficult to judge even the smallest jumps. A higher viewing angle might help. The telekinesis power is okay, but it's hard to see exactly where you're placing objects. Also, some sort of visual cue to help you identify what you can and cannot manipulate would be helpful. The platform-conjuring power is just awful to control. If it weren't for the double-jump, I would never have finished the tutorial level. I didn't complete the first level after I fell all the way down a long, vertical shaft after messing about with the platform ability. The assets look good on their own, but aren't placed correctly in the environment which makes the game look like it was thrown together in an hour. 

Tight controls, lovely music, great gameplay, cute graphics. Love it all around! :)

Very interesting game. The "evil presence" was legitimately frightening, the boss fights were tricky but doable, the art was simplistic, but readable. The cutscenes were really well done. It's a good game overall. My only gripe is that the game crashes during the intro on my machine, but I think it happens right at the end, so I don't think I missed anything.