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Redownloaded it and... nope. A shame, I saw this game and thought it had promise. Instead it feels like I'm playing a slot machine where all the slots keep sliding forever.

I'm running into a very weird control problem.
Everytime I start it up it has the up key stuck. 

I mash left+right on the menu and have to hope it lands on new game. 

But once I'm in game the game keeps pressing up again. So I can't even get past the first room. I can go to the top of the room and left and right on the topmost of the room only. I can't go down and right to enter the next room.

[Player Beta tester here; trying it out for the first time] 

Was wondering when a walkthrough will be available. Managed to find 4 of 8 Pink Generators between L1 and L2, but couldn't find any more keys.  I did come across a door locked by a keypad though, then again I also destroyed every conceivable note in the building because I thought they were just jokes and not genuine hints...

what gate? send me a screenshot.

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theres a red switch and blue switch, you can activate and deactivate them by standing on them or using the use key [E / leftclick].

did you find the first key in the first level? 

The first key opens a door > which contains another key > which opens an door somewhere in the house to a room with another key > which helps repeat the cycle of opening doors. If you "can't open" any of the doors, there's a chance you're missing a key. 

This is what I call the Locked Door Fallacy. 

The first door always has a key, that unlocks another door that grants you access to the next key, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next until you exhaust all uses for keys. If you run out of keys to use it either means: 

1) You haven't fully checked the area you previously unlocked. Or 

2) You have the last key for the exit out of level 1, the kissplant household.

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I hope everything gets preserved as an ever-learning adaptive-AI... That way when they take the servers and shut them down, you still have an genuine experience offline.

If I had to guesstimate I'd say the 1st few months of 2023. It does show a lot of promise.

then you obviously didn't check all the doors, I got through to level 3 (WIP) all by myself without complications.

Asked and answered: Brute force searching. If you get 1 key, you get access to an area with another. There are also a blue and red switch system which stay active between rooms.

Brute force searching. If you get 1 key, you get access to an area with another.

Wonder is Pheromona is gonna permanently capture our protagonist at night in V 0.6.0. Ya'll just have to wait and see.

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I made an fan made, unofficial trailer for this game. I think we can speak for EVERYONE when we say we'd love a more horror-oriented and horror-focused take on Zelda. 

Made out of love for Modus Interactive.