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Thank you kat_ze :)

Hi Kimmy! We are glad to hear that! Of course you are free to make as many videos as you want :)

This may happen when your graphics card doesn't support the newest OpenGL  versions. I suggest updating  drivers but if it doesn't help, there might be nothing  more than upgrading hardware to do. 

Hey Nervouslatte! Thank you for the video. Pretty nice that you've reached all the endings. Cheers!

That was exactly what we aimed for :) We do appreciate your video.

You may have been the child and at the same time you may have not :) It depends on your interpretation of the ending. Thank you for putting us in the video LordofNope!

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We wanted to aim for more psychological experience so the game is kept in the horror tunes but doesn't contain jumpscares :)

Thank you for the video SnickerDudeAI! We actually suggest trusting at least your family tho : D

Thank you for feedback moonlight6966! You are definitely right - we are planning to expand the ending in the future along with the entire game. Stay tuned for that :)

Thank you for playing Don't Trust ImmaGhost! Yes, we do wanted the players to come up with idea what could have happened with main character as we strived for more psychological experience than horror experience. That's really nice you have noticed that :)

Thank you very much! That was exactly what we wanted to feel for the player.

It is very unlikely for the game to crash you computer. Do you have enough disc space for launching the game?

We are not able to tell whether the game is running on such specs. Did you try to play it? What was your experience?

We resigned from horror tricks on purpose to make Don't Trust more thriller/drama with only a little feeling of menace in the gameplay. We do know the endings are not the best ones we could get but still for 48h it was all we could do. Thanks to all the feedback we are planning to develop the idea more in the future so stay tuned :)

Thank you very much IndieGamerScott!

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Thank you for comment and the video! We do know that the ending is not clarified enough and may be hard to notice - we had 48 hours to make the game and didn't think about it that way. We are thinking on extending the idea and making Don't Trust more "horror" experience in the future so stay tuned.

Thank you! :)

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Could you tell us what version you downloaded (Win32, Win64, Linux or Mac)?

Thank you for playing and recording the video! We do enjoyed that! :)

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We are building Mac version along with a new update in a week or two. Stay tuned! 

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Hi Ooofatron 6000! We are sorry but we have not build mac version at all yet. It's planned for tomorrow as we will be able to access mac pc for building purpose then.

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Hello Zirantiz! The bug has been fixed in the latest update thanks to your report. Thank you again :)

Hi sal! We've just uploaded win32 and linux builds. It may fix your issue :)


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If you still want to play Don't Trust, we've just uploaded Win32 and Linux versions :) Cheers!

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Hello Erderi! Thank you for the video and long review! Every opinion makes us better game developers. We've fixed the bugs in the latest update so again thank you for playing!



Yes it is :)

Hello rodteabaggins! That's awesome that you've found all the endings :) We had to get rid off the Bohemian Rhapsody due to copyright issues. 

Hi Cajunally! You've reached two of the three possible endings. The game was made in 48h for Sensei Game Jam so we are glad that actually there are people that actually play this game :)

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Hello SGP! We've loved your series on LowPolis. Thank you again for promoting us in such way. The game will receive a content update with the new features soon. We do hope it will give more challenges to the gameplay.

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There are two more game jams we are attending this month so we hope to explore setting and genre even more in the following games. Thank you again for playing! :)

PS. We do apologize for any copyright issue. We've replaced music in the latest update so it won't be a problem anymore.

Hello ProofreadFire! Your video was really pleasant to watch :) We are very happy that you managed to get all the endings and that you found the way to "cheat" the phone by not doing tasks. Thank you again for playing!

We are glad to hear that BoarNotRat! Cheers! :)

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Could you please describe what is the problem? Does your system not recognize the file?

Thank you for playing Raap OnPoint! Don't Trust ending has open interpretation as it was per game design. As It's psychological story it may be interpreted as abusive relationship, trauma or just some sort of supernatural phenomena including ghosts, demons etc. We thought open interpretation ending would be cool. Thank you again for your video!

Hi Raiduh! We do apprieciate your comment! Could you please make the video public because we cannot watch it now as it's private :)

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We've uploaded a new version packed in .zip. You should be able now to open it without Winrar. Enjoy!

The game is packed in .rar file because of the game size. You just have to unpack it using Winrar. 

Hi QueenFaith2020! We do appreciate your comment and playthrough! We've uploaded a new version containing English language, couple of bufixes, better optimization and couple of tweaks and for all endings. I hope you'll try second playtrough and find all of the endings! Cheers :)

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Hi Rebber!
Thank you for the comments. Your sandbox mode suggestion sounds like a fun idea! We will definitely consider adding it in the future development as we are working hard on integrating battle mode, adding saving system and 3rd tier buildings for now.