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This tileset is under CC0 license. You can use it for free and commercial projects and don't need to pay anything. But I will be appreciated if you will write about this tileset in credits and/or donate something :)

Still not, I am very busy on my main work now. Maybe in a week or two I will start to do something. But results will be definitely after the March.

Oh, I understand you. I am not sure that fantasy player characters will fit well. There definitely will be problems with genders (because they use the same head pixels). Do you think it is good addition to the tileset? If yes, I will try to create something👍

TSX and JSON files are not ready yet (it needs MANY time for create and write all attributes). I am planning to have only one megatileset instead of several small tilesets. So all fantasy races can be used with modern, scifi or another tilesets.

These tileset uses both PNG and TMX/TSX format. In TSX format there are many additional info for each tile. You can download Tiled program and open TSX file with it. There are block of parameters for each tile that fully describes their name. Later I will release Urizen GUI, where you can get all info with just one click.

Yes. You can find info in my last devlog :)

As I understand, RPG Maker VX Ace use 32x32 tiles. My tiles are 12x12 and can be scaled to 24x24 or 36x36, so they are incompatible with RPG Maker (without additional editing).

Looks cool! I will be glad to see your comics or coloring pictures!