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Virus the Virtual Vulpine

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broke my heart and mended it about a million times over. beautifully done.

Thanks, that did the trick!

Hello, I love the game, but when I go to edit where the screenshots and profile info can be saved, it won't let me type a colon (:) so I can't type out the path properly. It also won't let me simply copy/paste a path in the box. There's no option to reset the default settings either so I can't fix it at all.

The way I see it, you're a really good troll or a really big idiot and whichever it is the scale is kind of impressive but in the worst way. This comment feels like that moment when I first heard about the big Tour de France pile up, and I didn't yet know whether the perpetrator has done it on purpose to make a statement or was just that thoughtless...but either way the sheer magnitude of the fuck up would've been praise worthy if it wasn't painful and embarrassing to even look at.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for making this.

as someone with fibro, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a sleep disorder as well (though not narcolepsy), this game made me tear up! it's so beautifully done, and i could relate to pretty much every aspect of it. the doctors, the not being taken seriously, trying to balance meds. heck i even got accused of doing drugs illegally as well (though im not sure if that was the doctor being weird or being racist cause im latino  or both).

anyways, AMAZING game, i loved it so much, and i really liked the positivity and love in the ending i got. i always really appreciate when i find games like this that shed light on such an important issue. absolutely wonderful. <3

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fullscreen option isnt working for me, and every time i have to press space to attack it scrolls my entire screen down instead of focusing on the game still. im on the latest version of firefox

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As someone who wholeheartedly believes in reincarnation (and believes in something like fate only somewhat hopefully) the endings in this are beautifully done. And I've got to say I love that you incorporated a choice - and a tough one - instead of having it all work towards one ending, yet still maintained this strong current of fate. Who says fate is just a straight path we walk on, instead of a branching river. Who says fate determines what we do, instead of what we do determining fate? Rivers change the landscapes around them after all. Anyways, I'm rambling. AMAZING job, this and your other work all have incredible thought and skill put into them.

I'm writing this before I play and will write another after, but WOW as someone who plays DnD and Pathfinder I'm SO HYPE to play this. Just reading all the info about the characters/setting on this page has my heart racing!!

this is such a neat lil game! i love that the whole concept is that youre custom brewing potions based on what each customers wants and needs. and i live for figuring out which hints refer to which ingredients, and how some stories are interconnected, and all the unique characters! a+++