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Please continue to work at this project because is amazing. I love it <3

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Thanks a lot!! The difficulty curve its a little sketchy we will adjust it after the jam is over, if you want, try to give them more food its easier that way and also play with the Numpad that is more comfortable

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your game need more Ratings and comments it is realy fun and for me worked really fine :3

i was thinking 36 was a very high score ahhahaha

thank you <3 I played and rated your game is really fun also the story is great hahaha :P

maybe we can add Animal health and behavior More biomes,Like space or antartica , and a parry for the attacks and more animals hahaha

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Thanks a lot!! Luckily the Unreal engine is really solid and fast, this game is made in blueprints that are very accessible for Art oriented people. We are very happy with the result although the animal's models and animation are very sketchy we have no animators hahaha

Fun little game!! I made a mess with the Pipe because i miss the message that teach me how to rotate them  haahha