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A member registered Feb 03, 2021

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Love it!!! The spooks got me XD

Really good game!!! The only thing is the map layout make me dizzy XD

Really good game!!! The jumpscares gets me

Really funny!!! Love it XD

A very good game!!! Had fun with it :)

A very interesting game!!! Love it!!!

A very wholesome game indeed!!!

A very good game!!! Its just my laptop cant handle it XD

hallo wkwkwk

A really good and funny game!!~~

Really good and funny!!! Like it!!!

A really good game!! Love it!!

Really good!! Love it!!

A really good game!! just wish the going around gameplay a lil bit faster!!

A really good game!! Maybe add a spoiler button for the dumb one like me XD

Like it but i think the only problem is the puzzle is kinda hard! Other thing especially the scares is on point!!

I like it!!! The only thing i want to ask though is more scare XD I know that's not the point of this game but a little more scare will be nice :)

Really like it but i wish it was longer and have more scares!!! But still a great game tho :)

Pretty good but i really want more scare!!! Just my opinion :)

Pretty cool game.Maybe add a little more scare (just my opinion)

Very good game!!! But i think it have too many jumpscares

Love it!!! The jumpscares got me and i love it XD

Love it when game take's a turn!!!

Love the game!!! The ending is funny and unexpected!!!
The only cons is maybe the maze

Love it!!! Short but on point!!

Love it!!! The jumpscares got me!!

Really good plot twist!!! Love It !!!

Love it!!! I like it when i got jumpscared!!

Love it soooo much!!! its soo good! here is my Indonesian gameplay!

This game is so good!!! Love it! Here is my Indonesian gameplay!!

Great game!!! Love the atmosphere.Here is my indonesian gameplay!!! :)

Love this game!!The sound give me a real creep!

An awesome game!!!Love it!! Im an Indonesian Vtuber and here's my gameplay!