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No. Sorry. I still can't seem to get the program to output a useable android package. So much for the advertising saying it could do so.

So I've been looking into it and the program I used said it supported an Android export.  Unfortunately, the export doesn't work.  At least, by itself.  I am continuing to try and figure out what needs to be done, but it seems like it requires another program that you have to pay for for it to be a native android installer.

I got it to work once a long time ago, but some things have changed since then and I think the program I use has extra steps to install for android.  I'll try and take a look when I get a chance.

had to make it a new post on my list of games because it's a web based game and I guess that's how you tell to make it work properly? Anyway, if you go to my page then you'll see it.

Ok.  I *THINK* it is working.  I tested it and it was slow, but it did get there eventually.

Thanks.  I'll be on it as soon as the rating period is over.

Can't seem to get a browser version to work.... odd.  I'll work on that and see what's wrong.

Updoaded DEMO!

Will do.


I need dancing club music on loop plz. Mostly so I don't have to go looking for anything freeshare and save time.

I MIGHT need another looping sex sound. The slimier the better?

No worries if ya don't get to it, but if I use it I'll credit you how ya want. Thanks for any help ya can give. 🔊

RELEASED!  And it only took... half a year?  FFS, me!

Hi.  Been a while since I was working on stuff, but this Game Jam might just be the kick in the pants to get me to do some stuff.  Already did some base art for the game I'm going to try and put together.

Here's the link for the new project.  Should update it again soon.

It's a basic game that involves some money management and figuring out fetishes based on verbal clues.  Shouldn't be TOO terribly hard to put together in the time we have, especially since I'll be getting some help (Thanks Barreytor).


Yeah.  For some reason posting it on may have corrupted the run file.  Still working on a final version hopefully soon, if real life would get off my ass and give me a chance to work on it.