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Will you be adding anymore to this?

Absolutely love it so far, when do you think you'll be adding more??

I get to the part where I tell the commune that they can take what they want, and they start killing everyine.

I can't take over Gutters Cove. Attacked twice and it doesn't register. Also when do you think you'll be adding more of the map?

So far no luck! I'll have to wait until it becomes available on another source. 

Left my review on the app store! 

I'll contact them and try to figure it out! If for some reason I can't get it fixed I'll be sure to reply to this comment to let you know. Thanks!

Thanks a ton!! Just downloaded it!

Is there a way to get the current build other then Patreon? They won't take me card for some reason.

Android version?

Who's chuchilla?

Never mind, figured it out but it would be amazing to add a relationship ending to the story.

I like the idea of the game, but what I don't like is no matter what happens if you pick a Monster you'll always get a bad ending.

Will you considering doing a android version?

Any clue on the full release? Will gladly buy this if it ends up being a decent sized game.

Do you plan on adding anymore to this?

Do you happen to have any other games sorta like this out that I can check out?

Any clue when the next release will be? Absolutely love the game!

And are you going to add a relationship option for Ash?

Any clue when the next update will be? Got to the part where I could fall asleep on someone and it ended.

Can't download it at the site, and when I think I got it it wants to take 3 hours :(

Is there a way to get with the thief sisters? I can't figure it out

Says android file isn't available anymore

Are you going to slowly release the whole game to the public? And if not, is there any way other to get the releases as they come out other then patreon? They won't accept my card for some reason. BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!

awesome! Really love the game!

Loved the story up until cheating and what not got involved. Nothing against the game tho, just not my liking.

Any idea when the next update is? Trying to decide if I should leave it on my phone or not lol

Honestly this will be the only game I'll keep on my phone for the next update. Any clue when it will be?

Oooh, just played it. Thanks! I was honestly expecting a little more picking her path. Kinda disappointing lol.

Takes quite a while to advance or is there just not much content out yet?

Is there more out? How do I get the rest for android? And how much?

When will chapter 4 be out?? Obsessed with this! Lol

How do I know what scenes I have?

It doesn't even give me an option to touch her face

Does anyone know how you get deaths path?

And I also have one other question. I'm at the events recall, rewrite and reset. What exactly does that mean and how do I advance past them?

Hello, I've seen that you released a newer version that only patreon users can get. I actually made a patreon just to subscribe to get it, however for some reason it wont accept my card. Is there another way to pay for the new version? Or will it eventually be released to the public?