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I cannot get past the first few months running out of oxygen

How is 0 deaths achieved?

Could we have some documentation for bitmasking the set?

Thank you lots!

A cute and fun game! The developer puts in much love and updates it frequently!

Love that it's frequently updated! Great job!

Is it possible that you enable other payment methods? PayPal is not available in certain locations.

I think there are converters online. If not, you can check

Thank you antikx!

Another update: It is now a TrueType font. It has been so for a time now but I had forgotten to write here.

I've changed my username and the link here does not work anymore, wanted to let you know :)

Glad to hear you're liking it and can't wait to see it in your game!

I used Aseprite and Inkscape to recreate the original .png images as .svg and draw more characters, to create a .ttf with them, and FontLab 7 to add kerning  and other font specifications and features (I tried 10+ other font editing software but none was close to FontLab 7).


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Glad to hear that you like it!

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Hello all! I've come back after two days of trying to create a bitmap font file with the font included with no success (tried ShoeBox and BMfont). Does anyone have a suggestion?

Update: I was able to do it with ShoeBox. Separating the characters further did the trick (ShoeBox could not distinguish them with only 1px between them) Here's the font: You can just add it here if you wish, 0x72! Thanks for the great font

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Understandable, water is indeed hard to draw. Another question, how would you like to be credited?
Edit: Just found your website, thus your name. I guess that's suitable

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Hello, 0x72! Is there a plan to add animation to the water (and other liquid) tiles of the isometric tileset? It'd be amazing to see that! Thank you so much, loving your art!