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loved this now post the ritual instruction :)

(jk, obviously.... unless?)


thank you! i found it now ^-^

exciting! i look forward to the new stuff ^-^

what jerks! hope this never happens to you again! wtf! :(

I struggle with reading so I almost overlooked this as it is a visual novel, but I'm so, so glad I didn't.

This game is something rare. This is something so incredibly rare it's precious and not to sound dramatic but when I read and I read realizing what this was I thought I must've been having one of my mundane-but-niche dreams where things like this just get to EXIST. 

How is this the first comment, how, when this was posted over 2 years? I've never seen "underrated" apply to something more in my life.

What you've created something special. Finding any hard vore at all has been a struggle for as long as I knew that was my fetish and that it had a name. Not only is this a hard vore game/VN, but it's one with an appealing art style, and its furry, and it's nonbinary. I didn't think I'd ever have tears in my eyes from finding a porn game, but I never expected something so innately close to my heart and interests to ever exist.

Thank you for this creation and thank you for making it, thank you for finishing it, thank you for publishing it where I could eventually find this treasure. Wow.

wow the progression system in this is pretty neat

im having alot of trouble finding #25/#26 (a few hours of looking!), can i have a hint? :3

was nice, when i could find the animals. there was too much empty space, n id often find myself lost, once for the better half of an hour.

i liked it still, but a map would be nice, or just trimming the fat of the spare space

hey, i found this game a long, long time ago back on e6 and its honestly one of my favorite games. i was worried with the death of flash i'd not be able to play it again n honestly that was really saddening. i think finding this on itch paired with discovering FGA can run local SWFs was the happiest i'd been about a game in a long time.

this game is great because it fulfills my need to do dirty stuff in a pokemon-amie type setting but also i can just ignore the dirty stuff to play puzzles when i feel like it. (the puzzles are really nice and satisfying btw).

Thank you alot for this game

initially, it was pretty hard to intuite the win condition, but once i figured it out i liked it

in all realness tho this is sick as fuck i dig it

hey what the f**k