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This was so, so, so good. I do admit I had to cheat a few times because my health was so low, but I loved the atmosphere, puzzles, and combat. Boss fights were so solid. The last one mechanically is so unbelievably cool.  The kicker is you did this in 30 days - super impressed!

Thanks for your kind words and feedback! I agree with many of your concerns, and most of them have been addressed in the current version I'm working on. Looking forward to sharing more soon!

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback. I am working on a full version and hope to flesh out the gameplay a bit so it's more than just fetching items!

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me. I'm very intent on seeing it through and work towards it every day, and hopefully one day I'll add one more entry from this severely underappreciated genre into the world.

A little late on my part but I really appreciate your feedback and wanted you to know I have been considering alternatives. Unfortunately with the way the game is designed, using the fixed cameras and all, I feel if I were to give the player the option to free look it would take away significantly from the style and atmosphere. I very meticulously place the camera shots for a number of reasons. Some purely for aesthetics, and others to guide the player's attention and progression. If I can come up with an alternative control option I'll definitely consider it, but I very much don't want this game to be a third person shooter. I know that seems stubborn, and how frustrating this control style can be, but I hope you understand.

Thank you! I was thinking about the Heather comment and I didn't intentionally do so but I think Heather is subconsciously a big inspiration for the character. SH3 is one of my favorites

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Thanks so much. I loved the playthrough and thought you made some valid points. I'm still working on it! Slow but steady.

Yes! It does.

Sorry about this. I'm going to be honest, I didn't test the Mac version because I didn't have one available at the time, but I will see if there's anything I can do to make it work this weekend!

Thanks, I think itch's media host is having some issues because everything I upload is erroring out. I'll have some up soon hopefully!