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This game was so frustrating but I had a fun time with it, good game very unique

here is my video on it, check it out 

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YUHUHHHHHH great game, really scary, didn't even finish it to scary for me Lmao

yk you wanna watch my video

Bro lebron was scaring the freak outta me, good game tho I really liked the was pretty scary but also mad confusing 

This game was sooo confusing to me, ya'll really dropped a car on my forhead lmaoo
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Played it a second time and still can't beat it it's just so hard (pause) to beat 

This is my video on it, I definitely recommend it  

This game was soooo weird and it definitely got me a few times, it was mad fun tho, here is my vid on it and lmk what ya'll think!


This game was weird as freak, I definitely think my man could run as an Olympic track star, he scared the freak outta me multiple times, good game, very weird, here is my vid on it^^ 

Great game and really good visuals, reminded me of RE7 a lot, the atmosphere was really good too, it was pretty scary too, here is my video on it 

The ending gave me sooo much anxiety, game was great, and almost every jump scare really got me, this is my vid on it

yea np, it was really fun and scary

This game scared tf outta me, it was good and the graphics were great, here is my vid on it

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, I'll definitely be playing more of your games in the future   

This game was weirdddd, and my wife just couldn't watch this demon for me?? Game was fun tho, and the graphics were really good, here is my vid

What Patrick doing to ma homie spongebob? Game was chill at first but took a crazy turn, this is my video on the first mission

I couldn't handle this game the jump scares got me every single time and it was sooooo scary, here is my video of it, I hope you guys enjoy

Dont even ask about the thumnail, I made the game look as horrible as possible lmaooo, but it was really fun even though I couldn't beat it

Game was dope

This is my video on friday Night Funkin I hope you guys enjoy

This game was soooo much fun, deff gonna do a part 2, here is my video on it

This game scared tf outta me on multiple occasions LMAOOO, it was really funny tho

This game was funny asf but also really weird, this is my video of it

This is my video on it, if you want to watch!

BROOOOOO, this game is soooo scary!!! Great atmosphere and made me scared to move out of a corner

Can anyone help me understand this game? lmao