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We are treated like we are subhuman by those who kill and torture us. They want us to think that we deserve it, that we are lesser than them, that agony and death are all that await us, but when you have seen the vilest parts of humanity brand everything good, everything kind and beautiful, everyone you love as inhuman and demonic, if you can break free of the self loathing they've inflicted upon you, you realize that in a world controlled by evil, where being "human" is to be apathetic and bigoted, to abuse, exploit and slaughter everything and anyone they can, and if resisting that is inhuman, then fuck humans.

Is there any chance of it going up again at some point?

Hello! I'm attempting to play this in chrome but just after the title screen loads the screen goes black except for a message that says: "Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details)"   I know this game's been out for a while so if you don't have the time/energy to figure out what's going on that's fine, I can try on firefox and see if that works or download it or somthing, but I thought you should know. Your games are neat and so are you btw.

Beautiful. This feels like water, and love. I could try to give more constructive, deeper feedback but no better words come to mind and I'm tired.  <3

Nice little cozy twine game, very good for a first try. Transbians good. 5/5

Tagged as "Transgender" but drops a transphobic slur on the opening page, next page has options for configuring characters that continues use of the same slur as a seprate catagory from male and female.

I think this might be the point of the game and I'm just being dense but just in case I thought I'd mention that clicking on the ship just tells me to go check twitter or somthing again even when the text on the main screen says I'm ready. Either way a good addition to the perhaps unsurprisingly common number of games by trans people about different online identities and the various ways they relate to our current selves.

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Only Portrait Prophecies can give one of the most "oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap" inducing horror expiriences I've ever had in a video game that was actually pleasant and do so in the setting of a massive spaceship fueled by edging. 5/5

Yes! I'm very glad you enjoyed it, I'm not sure if it will be the final version, but I plan on adding to it for the jam this year.

I... I couldn't complete this game.I have never wanted to give somone in a video game a hug so much, and if I had some magical device that would let me complete a game I would use it on this one, not dark souls, not any triple A game, this one.  I made it to the... ninth horrible evil sack thing, I think?
I am still on the verge of tears after forcing myself away for the sake of my own mental health, I'll be ok, but I think this is one of the best peices of art in existance at conveying what it's like for people who don't know if they will be. Who are terrified they never will be. 

Ok, I'm just going to post this because as much as I want to write an entire essay about this game I doubt this is the place to do it.

Please keep doing what you're doing.
With love and admiration,

Neat! I haven't been able to find a way to "win" yet, but I did last a fairly long time.

P.S.  (also spoilers again sorry)
I just realized that I assumed the part where it fades to black after Smiles tells Jamie what's going on and then maxwell shows up was the ending, but it may not have been, I couldn't find a way to see anything else though, so if there's more, sorry I missed it.

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(possible spoiler warning)
Oh dear gods... this is one of the best games I've played in ages, please keep doing what you're doing, the art is simple and wonderfully atmospheric, and I can't remember detailed pixel art this good in a story heavy game. Its fairly short compared to most other visual novels but you've packed so much character development into it that I allready want to hug every single kid there and GODS DAMN IT MAXWELL IF YOU HURT SAM JAMIE OR ANY OF THE OTHER KIDS AGAIN I WILL RIP WHATEVER SERVES AS YOUR ENTRAILS OUT WITH MY- ... ahem, excuse me, got carried away for a sec. Seriously though, if I wasn't so dehydrated right now I would have cried at the end. I should get some water or somthing. Anywayinshortthisgameisamazingifyou'rereadingthisandhavemoney throwitatthesegoodgameproducingentitiesweneedmoreinclusivegamesalsoJamieisawesomedidImentionjamieisawesome(She'sawesome)MAXWELLIFYOUHURTJAMIEI'LLFEEDYOUYOURSPLEEN-ok water and stopping typing times now you're all amazing <3