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yeah, the problem is that on my keyboard one of the tricks is very hard to trigger and my number of deaths is skyrocketing... 

Hi, are the doors invisible?

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Awesome puzzler, congrats! Even more awesome, it's a sequel, now i'll go play the first.  Huzzah!

I found a few bugs : lvl 16, if the player go to the left it enters the wall and it can break the game (freeze, need to reload the page) also you can push the little green slime into the wall on its right finishing easily the lvl. In the lvl where there is a row of 5 slimes you can make the two slimes on the right jumping on the same tile. I finished the games (played it on crazygames) and when i reloaded the page, all my progress was lost... so could not find other bugs or find secret passages if any.

Thank you for this game, hope it's a trilogy (or more)

oh, i forgot : it would be awesome if you provide (infinite) undo/redo, it's a bit boring when you have to replay all the level for just one mistake.

enjoy : Ogmo Editor 3.3.0 win32 binary

oh, thats what i tried but it didn't work so i gave up

Very nice concept, i just can't pass that wall 

Awesome brainteaser, congrats! i'd gladly welcome an undo button though ;)

fun brainteaser,  adding unlimited undo/redo would be a nice touch though.

My brain cannot control 4 ghosts ;) but if you kill the pacman and quickly run a ghost next to it"s central respawn point you can lock the pacman in it"s trap and score forever. "Well done boys!" then said the manager of Ghosts inc.

i compiled a win x86 32 bits version of the latest version (january) if you are interested.