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i geniunely love this series lol

Phenomenal game 616

What a great game. Another banger and I will be looking forward to everything you make from now on my man!

It’s fun, frustrating and has a good concept. Great job my guy!

nice take on lidar! love the concept

Forgot to put this here but this game scared the hell out of me lol

what a great game. terrifying scares and chases!

Beautiful horror game, just like the first. Keep these up rayll :)

dope ass concept! definitely feel like it has potential to be turned into something much larger scale someday.

it may be after christmas, but im still feeling festive!

completely changed my perspective on christmas. easily one of the most innovate games of 2021, if not all time.

beautiful game

gotta be one of the coolest horror games of 2021. love it!

awesome concept for a game. i hope there'll be a sequel

i played this game a little while ago and completely forgot to post it here, so here it is! i really enjoyed it

pretty funny game i was happy to be running from chucky

another amazing puppet combo game! love y'all

Really loved the feel of this game. Scares definitely got me good lol. I hope you return to game development one day because your games have crazy potential :)

this game was awesome! dope concept with amazing tension and scares, really nice work donitz. made a video if anyone wants to get scared with me!

made a video if anyone hasn't checked it out yet, got both endings. i love these style of games so keep 'em coming!

i made a video if anyone hasn't checked it out yet! loved the atmosphere and tension behind this game, nice work jonny

so glad to see this game on itch. it's absolutely one of the best games i've played on here so far! made a video for anyone that hasn't checked it out yet

really liked the idea of the game and the "monster" if you can call it that scared the crap out of me so nice work man!

finally got around to playing the sequel and i loved it!! it took the formula of the first game and amplified it. and i didn't even realize the twist at first but now that i know, it makes the game even cooler!

love japanese horror games so this one was right up my alley!

hopped on this game after seeing the hype and i'm so glad i did. i haven't played anything like this yet and the spooks are crazy. amazing game!

not gonna lie the jumpscares were kind of random but i will admit they got me so nice job lol. your game is at 11:45 :)

i think i need to be blessed after playing this... your game is at 7:13 :)

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nice game man! i hate abandoned places so this kept me spooked. your game is the first one :) 

i really like these PSX style games and this one did not disappoint! nice work kyle

i loved the concept of this game, simple but effective and creepy as hell. awesome!

this freaking thing scared me so badly lol. the story was kind of iffy on this, but other than that nice game my man

pretty awesome demo, atmosphere had me spooked and it reminds me of p.t. i can't wait for the full release!

this game was freaking awesome! scared the hell out of me and looks really good too. will definitely be checking out the next episodes

pretty neat demo so far. i like the atmosphere and sound design, nice work man

i hate the dark so this spooked me. nice work cody

loved the concept of this game. reminded me of some of reflect studios' games in similar style. nice work guys!

so glad to finally be able to experience this game, i've had it wishlisted for a while. loved the plot so far, can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

knew it was gonna be terrifying and it still shook me badly lol