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We survived! My son thought this was very stressful haha.

Good work! I like the light effects, well done.


Frantic and fun! 

Thank you Oma Gerio 馃檹

This was great! Very nostalgic, loved the music.

Haha dang that was hard!

I gave up but it was very fun, good work!

Adorable! At first I thought you needed to build the highest possible kitty tower, but after it clicked I was building towers as quickly as possible. Well done, great artwork and music too!

Impressive work in a three day deadline, well done!

Great concept, well executed! 

Cute, good work!

I got the treasure!

Pants get! Good work!

210! This is such a smart and elegant idea. Well done!

Love the enemy design and music, great work.

Great game, good concept and excellent execution! Reminded me of a Wii title, in a good way.

Fun and cute! Good job.

"Str is the only stat" 馃槀

Poor Harriet!

Ah yes my old nemesis purple bicycle, we meet again.

Frantic and stressful, I liked it! That 'out of battery' static-filled screen animation was fantastic!

Unrealistic, my uncles were never this supportive. 

This was really fun, great work! I liked the art for Tony Fish.

I think it happened during the tongue attack. The tongue didn't come out of the big alien in the middle's mouth. The mouth just stayed open. The big alien kept spinning. I hope that helps!

This was really fun! The devil level was a challenge.

This concept seems really interesting, keep up the good work.


We had a fun time playing this. The bean shaped platforms were my favourite.

This was delightfully strange. Thank you!

This was super fun! We had three people playing on an android tablet. Fun and intuitive. We did see a bug where the green monster glitched out and stopped attacking. It's mouth was stuck half open. Otherwise, great work!

Great game! We managed to get a high score of 204.