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I tried a whole bunch of stuff, I put the . EXE file in a different file and copied the game data next to it, it worked! 

thanks a lot for replying, and your game is awesome! great work! 

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There is no 'ADarkPlace.exe' if i open the version  that's in the data folder (the one with the face icon) i get the message: 

There should be 'ADarkPlace_Data'
folder next to the executable

I unzipped the game too, so i don't understand. i added some screenshots for you to make it a bit more clear what i'm talking about. 3 of them are of the game files, and the other one is the black screen i was talking about, it just closes down after. 

My computer IS a 64bit system, but maybe the 32bit version will work anyway? 

i'm using the free version! thanks for replying. 

Xerstudios, can you help me? I downloaded the game and copied the floder to my desktop, i can launch it but i get this window with a X in the bottom right and it shuts down immediatly. I guess it's because my PC is too shitty but i CAN run stuff like: Black rose and mirror layers. What can i do?