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Will try as well when I see him again.

Only used Scratch because I had no other weapon than the bow :) Fight took forever as it was on the Endless portion.
There's also the smaalll possibility that it was a consumable, in which case it'd be a mug. But much more likely it was Scratch.

Hmm.. its been a few days since this happened.. (my comment was a day later)
But I know for sure that I found a way to deal damage more than once per turn, which according to your explanation shouldn't have been possible? It happened at least once, though I only tried for a turn or two, before switching to a strategy for getting rid of mobs. So I'm not 100% on the specifics, other than that I succeeded in dealing damage twice in a turn at least once.
Taking a second look at a screenshot of my set-up, I likely didn't have another weapon, so its possible it got dispelled via Scratch? Ooor possibly an empty mug?? 
Just to double check, a cleaver build would also only have the first cleaver hit and all subsequent triggered cleavers would be dodged?

Monster Bug: The wizard newt(?) that gains dodge on being attacked doesn't play well with arrows. (the one that conjures up flowers)

Had a bow with 6 arrows.
On the first bow action, the first arrow gets through, deals damage normally, and the monster gains dodge as a result (expected).
The second arrow misses due to the dodge which goes away, and a new dodge is generated immediately (bug).
Rinse and repeat for every arrow. Including the first arrows of the preceding bow actions.

Using a weapon will dispel dodge without replacing it with a new one. Passing to the next turn will also reset things, so the first arrow of the first bow action will work again.

Hope that helps. 

Congratulations on hitting your initial goal so quickly :) was keeping an eye on it throughout the day.
How much are you planning to price it on Steam? 

Getting airtime in the beginning was confusing, but pretty awesome once you could chain a few rings :) Continuously holding space seemed to help :P
The time-stop mechanics clashed a bit with the hang-time mechanic though, especially when you wanted to fall to hit a ring etc.
Reached the portal with around 40M in score, but hung around til almost 80M trying to see if I could go higher/enter the portal to no avail :P

Haha, so then I died  just before the last checkpoint lol.

This was a pretty neat idea, and the music really fit as well.
The surfaces were pretty sticky, but after a while I kinda appreciated the fact you could stick to a wall to disappear it.
Wish there was a way to wall-jump or something, to provide at least some way out of soft-locking you at the bottom of the game while tetris continues up top though. Can't Keep It Going at the bottom of a well after all.

Also! This tetris player! So bad at the game! Is what I want to shout haha. 

The art and atmosphere is beautiful :) Shame the controls could not be inverted as my brain cannottt..
Bugs(?) were both a boon and a curse, as clipping through some land made it easier, but death meant a full restart. And infinite fuel helped.
Got 3 bunnies and was going towards the Freedom checkpoint when it all fell apart haha.

Cute little thing.
The most awesome feeling is when you've just hit the target and it's repositioned behind you.. so you duck the return ball instead of hitting it, quickly turn around, and hit it when it comes back towards you again directly towards the target :P
The imagery that conjures is pretty cool, and you can maintain combo without having to slowly turn around haha

Surprisingly fun to play as well as to figure out the tactics hidden under the otherwise simple rules.
Walls were sometimes sticky though, which lead to unfortunate deaths.
Some invincibility frames might have also made the chain reactions a little more fair.
I think I only got up to 32 in score :P

hmm.. guess it wasn't as clear as I hoped it would be..
A filled heart will continuously try to move to the right (but drains quickly)
Red windows continuously do damage forever (moves the heart left)

Balance needs some tweaking yes..

Is this good for non-commercial use? Might want to put a license on your assets to clarify that

Wow! Love how the glitches interfered with gameplay. Especially love the decision for the game over scene to terminate the program :) Theme was really well put together, found myself just shooting randomly for the sound effects.

Felt like this should have ranked way higher just on the design choices alone. Gameplay might be unbalanced(?) but Design-wise this was pretty cool.

Really enjoyed the first level. (didn't get much further though) Having to restart the first level from the second level was a bit too demoralizing after the third time.
The melodies were especially nice though :)
Wish there was a way to skip the Death scenes later on, they're useful in figuring out the level but later on just breaks up the flow.
Also, there's a bug which allows you to go back in time to your last life (provided it was on the same level) :)

Don't know if it was intentional, but what with Light going back and forth in time, acausally, made me think of Delayed Choice experiments and quantum erasers. 

Really enjoyed this one. When I first read the judge feedback about the button mashing I though it was going to be too over powered. Instead I really enjoyed how, if a robot got knocked off course, there'd be this intense little minigame of omg I need to reposition the gun turret :P It's a small detail, but for some reason I really like their reaction to getting knocked off course haha

(also, if you're on the Bolt Discord, don't forget to pipe up so they can crown you the current Reigning Boltjammer :P )

Scoped badly,  was supposed to have just the one level but 4-6 status ailments. Didn't have time to add them so its a bit easy once you figure it out haha

Ha, its become apparent I might've made it a tad too obtuse ^^" (in multiple ways really..)
Going to have to work on conveying information clearly in the future (rushed through that for this one)

o .o huh, never ran in to that bug before...

Love the rowing mechanic, I'm going out on a limb and guess it probably isn't super complicated under the hood(?), but once you get it going it fills you with this feeling of accomplished awkwardness :P

The graphics looked good before, but together with the music creates a very meditative atmosphere.

Still kinda unsure who he's planning on leaving to the storm with only 3 tickets though o .o

Glad you enjoyed it! Checked out your stream of it. FYI, they be dice :P

Sadly ran out of time before I could improve the UI (restart button, bugged help button..)

And yea, trying to decipher the mechanics is part of the game, sadly not sure how well I visually represented the outcomes of the mechanics..
Probably should have made it more clear that getting new Cultists should be a priority now that I think about it...