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excellent. I'm curious how progression between them is gonna be handled (questionnaire? Blank slate?)

basically, is chapter two standalone? Or do saves and stuff have to be migrated over?

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Normally this wouldn't be my thing but this is genuinely interesting. Very.... tactile, too.

Ah yes. Mice. Nature's vibrators.

I enjoy this, nontrivial as it is but... WSAD, please?

I really wish I could test the keeping part but you've put it behind so. Much. Grind that it's impossible to test right now. I'm into this idea but there's work to be done. I have some detailed thoughts if you want them.

I'm very curious what sort of aesthetic you'll be shooting for here - like, should we expect hot alien babes, or hot ALIEN babes?

I for one look forward to it. Hoping for big sexy monsters of both kinds.

I love the fact this made me go "I'm gonna Towers of Hannoi this shit"

Okay, this is neat. Reminds me a lot of Poke Abby but joke's on you, more Poke Abby is exactly what I want. Needs some work still but I am Here for it.

Pity but understandable, it'd be a very strong synergy.

So, from gaming it... really needs a "abandon run" button because I managed to go infinite. Also the selecting cards from collection badly needs a "I want none of these, give me another roll later" option.

Very fond of this one. I'm curious however is a certain interaction is intentional: The legendary veteran's helmet's "weapon skill costs 50% mana" doesn't work with the monk punch. Intended?

Okay this is fun. Needs a gallery though, so I can watch that clothesplosion and jiggle without having to get myself killed.

also, I noticed a fascinating bug. When claiming a reward, the "this is how much this reward should award" thing increases BEFORE the thing pops up, so you see NEXT reward's value.

Hm. Every time I open the menu, the resolution resets. Still, fun!

See, that's not my issue - I knew I would need a gem to use the mirror, I just didn't know that A: crafting it was the only way to get one and B: that this was locking off actual game progress, rather than some side activity like repairing the room.

I didn't play before v0.4 but I can tell you that it wasn't at all clear to me that I *needed* to *craft* a scrying gem to progress.

Okay, I'm enjoying this more than I care to admit. I do wonder, is there some trick to the dancing, or is it just a roll of the dice? Well. Of the slot machine.

Hey, so you know those stupid mobile game ads that show gameplay based on "click a smaller number than yours to add it to you, you lose if you click a larger one"? Well... this is like that, except with ACTUAL MECHANICS. And very fun.

Hmm. I'm enjoying the gameplay, but it's... frustrating how my orriors completely ignore the watchtowers and go hunt enemies exactly where I don't care about them at all.

this was adorable and I had a good time running errands for these idiots.

What a charming little metroidvania. I don't think the game ever taught me to dodge roll and throw my axe, though?

oooh, lovely. Is there a way to carry saves forward, or do we have to replay it (oh no what a drag however shall I cope)

Yeah, totally understood. Could have always had her shake it, and the more vigorously she does that, the more her skirt flips up --- but it's always about effort in and results out and the balance thereof, y'know? Still dig it.

Well this is fun and pleasant. Kudos for giving us the free milk mode! My one regret is the third stage isn't very, well, horny.

Will it be available -after- January or is this a case of 'get it now or forever lose your chance'?

Is there an option to turn it into a QWERTY friendly WSAD?