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$8 is the suggested price, you can put in any price above 4.

Buggy btu fun. Hoping for more.

Okay that's charming. Good art. Would like access to just the images sometime later. Alternately, expand it!

Sorry to say but the stacking of the cards - the actual CORE MECHANIC - feels awful. Half the time when you try the card just slides out of the way. Why is cards moving around without you touching them even an option?

Also, the tutorial really needs to be accessible from ingame, not this long-ass thing you need to click through to try the game and have to restart to consult.

This has been surprisingly charming.

I see neither the page nor the faq answers the basic question of "what content should one expect"

Oh huh! a fun deckbuilder on mobile devices, shares quite a few mechanics (broad strokes of the level up system, cooldown abilities that recharge based on combat, equip slots) that are fairly  specific so I thought they shared an inspiration.

Still a neat little game.

Soooo what was your favorite class in Night of the Full Moon? :)

Ideas for stuff you could implement to add to the lovely pixel art if you have the processing power:
- animation of her stretching
- after a run, her bending over to catch her breath
- that shirt getting more sweaty and see-through in some situations

but really I'll take anything :)

Enjoying this so far. Wish the unlocks were faster. Also that the XP bar showed xp to next level.

The fact she only wears only socks while sleeping is unforgivable.

Is it possible to disable the timer? Even if it's not required for anything, it being there kills my enjoyment of this sort of game.

while I'm intrigued by the concept, the demo being the same mission three times doesn't really entice me.

Charming little game. Do like the animations. My one criticism is a certain animation seems like items are being -stolen-, not copied. My one sadness is there aren't special animations as a reward for scoring 3/3 on a training session. Lacks some nice titty drop.

Fun thing. Played it until I lost interest when the final boss turns off and punishes the FUN progression system and leaves you with having to grind the tedious one.

Is the lack of a "delete this object" deliberate?

Interesting. Looking forward to more - even if this version hangs and has no way of being restarted.

Okay, the art is adorable and the smut is charming but I feel it has a major lack of interactivity. I'm just... following along with the events with no input from me and smut just happens.

Hm. Sorry but no I don't think I'll be following this. Bad, drawn-out, uninteresting writing, inability to skip text with a click (or rather, it skips the text, rather than make it appear first), and an obtuse combat system that far as I can tell is just "pick elements at random and hope for the best"

Too short (complimentary, I want more, I think this idea has legs)

is there a chance it also gets inverted? Because it seems the shorter it flew, the less it lives.

are balls that pass through splitters supposed to have a lifetime of less than one square...?

I'm not sure what's the point of having a third cursed sentinel - you lose the moment it happens. I even notice the photos don't include one.

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Normally this wouldn't be my thing but this is genuinely interesting. Very.... tactile, too.

Ah yes. Mice. Nature's vibrators.

I enjoy this, nontrivial as it is but... WSAD, please?

I really wish I could test the keeping part but you've put it behind so. Much. Grind that it's impossible to test right now. I'm into this idea but there's work to be done. I have some detailed thoughts if you want them.

I'm very curious what sort of aesthetic you'll be shooting for here - like, should we expect hot alien babes, or hot ALIEN babes?

I for one look forward to it. Hoping for big sexy monsters of both kinds.

I love the fact this made me go "I'm gonna Towers of Hannoi this shit"

Okay, this is neat. Reminds me a lot of Poke Abby but joke's on you, more Poke Abby is exactly what I want. Needs some work still but I am Here for it.

Pity but understandable, it'd be a very strong synergy.

So, from gaming it... really needs a "abandon run" button because I managed to go infinite. Also the selecting cards from collection badly needs a "I want none of these, give me another roll later" option.

Very fond of this one. I'm curious however is a certain interaction is intentional: The legendary veteran's helmet's "weapon skill costs 50% mana" doesn't work with the monk punch. Intended?

Okay this is fun. Needs a gallery though, so I can watch that clothesplosion and jiggle without having to get myself killed.

also, I noticed a fascinating bug. When claiming a reward, the "this is how much this reward should award" thing increases BEFORE the thing pops up, so you see NEXT reward's value.