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Awesome. But i have a question. How can i do the animation on the top of this page?

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Thanks a lot! Today i'm gonna play your other game, INFESTED (I'm really Hyped :D). Anyway thanks again for the cursor pack, i'm using it now as my cursor for windows, was easy to convert as the size fits perfect.

Ah, another thing, i saw some days ago about your new incoming game called Themeire, there is not a release date still, im correct? Im anxious to try it out too.

Best regards, Volpest.

Hi. I loved the game, the art, the mechanics, the sound and the gameplay.

But something that has fascinated me has been the cursor that is used in the game. Is there any chance that I can get it so that I can adapt it for use in windows 10? Thanks.

Hello, do you have a traduction for the Hieroglyphs? I know some of them, by searching on the internet, but i see a lot of draws and i don't know where they from. Could you help me? Thanks.

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Thanks, i think i figured how to use them on VX Ace with some extra editing. Are you still working on the other tilesets? I would love to see more of this :)

Hi. Is there any possibility you could resize those assets for being used on RPG Maker VX Ace? I can't figure how to do it by my hand (I'm so bad with photo editors)