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So the creature stats say HP: 2 Wounds... but how much health on each wound?

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Does this require VR? When I launch the game, I get the first couple splash screens, SteamVR launches and then the game freezes with a black screen (I don't have my VR set plugged in all the time).

EDIT: I tried it a couple of times, then finally just left the game sitting there on that black screen (with Windows Task Manager saying it was not responding) for maybe about 10 minutes and it suddenly started and showed the main menu. I then noticed that SteamVR had thrown an error popup for headset initialization (there isn't a headset connected).

I closed the game, started it again and the same thing happened.

Got this as part of the  "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality" and I love it! I'm planning to use this as a one-shot. Any suggestions about what general level the PCs have to be at to have at least a chance of survival? This module reads as very deadly.

Great little game! The choices are simple but deceptively agonizing at times. Thanks so much for making this.