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This is an amazing tool. I just wish we had the ability to customize the water how we wish (like creating an island for instance) this could maybe be done by allowing direct access to the tensor field to delete specific spots on it

I just sent them to in a compressed file.

How would I share them to you?

I'm so glad the CharacterManaJ works now, I've been working on some alternate hair colors and so far have a shade of red, blue, 2 greens. I added 3 outfits, an ear, and a hat. I have 2 more hair styles as well (been working on making pixelated Priconne characters and made Hatsune and Rino hairstyles) And I added an alternate Bow. I don't know if you would be interested in these additional assets to share Pipoya, but If you do I would be happy to pass them along.

Is this usable on unity?

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Your Art is amazing! I'm currently working on an RPG in Unity and am loving your tile-sets. I do wonder why this one offers 48 x 48 but not of your other art (that I've seen) goes above 32 x 32. Also the cylindrical tower beside the 2 x 2 dark castle, I wish there was an alternate top piece so that we could extend the tower to be as tall as we want. 

It says "It can be used other than game development" so does that mean it cant be used in games?

Keep up the good work! I hope to be able to support you in the future.