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That was brutal. Incredible work. Visceral final line gut punch.  

Wonderful <3

That's clever. I did laugh out loud. 

Zine is the answer

Questions always welcome, too. 

It doesn't have to be a prompt you are using. Share the prompts you enjoy. 

That final page is soo cool

Dang. Beautiful in words and visuals. 

Thank you.

How sweet of you. It was a bit of a rush to get it done for the end of November. < 3

Thank you. I've only seen the films but it was nice to read about this missing story. 

And wow, that poem. It feels so good to be queer. x

Just submitted! More like 5k than 50k words and I have 4 images but I am happy. I intend on adding more images and way more chapters but this is the biggest project I have finished before. 

I ran out of steam after 8 days but my desire to get it done by the 30th meant I've been focused on it this week. Thanks. 

Wow! This is huge! 

I've been hitting my goals for the first few days but am now unsure what to count my coding as. I'm using twine and trying to focus on the story-words but keep wanting to make it playable. 

I thought that at first but you can change the camera angle by pressing X. 

Funny, short, and almost educational. I was expecting sexy insects

This is a great little game with good dialog but would have been more intuitive with keyboard control :)

This is so nice! Hello! x

Nice! Made me read up on the protests in France 2016. They tear gassed Feminists in Lacrymo last month?!