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Thanks so much for this! I’m so glad you chose Into the Odd as the system to pair with the Rainy City, and this will make me much more likely to run some sessions there.

This isn’t even out yet and billionaires are already LARPing it. Always a tastemaker our Amanda is.

Bumping this since I also noticed that and am wondering what that spell’s intended to do.

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Yep, it’s just text encoded to binary, so pasting it in any binary to ascii decoder will suffice. Decoded, it’s the ritual for leaving the Vast, which is basically the inverse of the one for entering it. It was a bit tricky to copy the diagonal text block on mobile but I managed it. Here’s the plaintext:

Leaving the Vast

Seek the lush, the mended, and familiar

It is closer than you think

Search for the canny, the clear and benign

They are comforting to you

Hide this spot from your eyes, your hands and breath.

Leave it outside you

Shout so all may hear:

I wish to leave the vast in the dark

And fall forward with dread

You are home.

Just wanted to say this an immensely enjoyable read and I can’t wait to use it. Great job with this, and props for making the most of a really cool format. I feel like I could run it from my phone, which is not something I can say for most PDFs. Happy Holidays and thanks for the top notch megadungeon!

I'm printing this and including it with the copy of Fungi of the Far Realms that I'm gifting to my mycology professor.